Alaska Airlines Name Change Policy – If you bought an Alaska Airlines ticket for your upcoming vacation, consider yourself fortunate because the company has a very lenient cancellation policy. If you follow specific predetermined rules, you can make the necessary changes for your name on your next ticket. The process of Alaska Airlines’ name changeis rather simple because it only calls for a few documents. You can find some simple-to-understand Alaska Airlines’ requirements for name changes in this post. Please read this carefully.

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When can you make name changes in the Alaska Airlines Ticket?

Once a reservation is confirmed, not all travelers are permitted to change their names. You are only permitted to make changes by the airline if:

  • Only three characters need to be changed.
  • The whole name remains unaffected and the change in name is clear.
  • Marriage or divorce is your reason for the name change
  • Instead of using your complete name, you accidentally used your nickname.
  • In the First and Last Name section, you want to invert names.

Therefore, you qualify for the name change if any of the conditions above apply to your situation. To ensure a smooth process,.

you must be aware of Alaska Airlines’ name change policy before proceeding with the name change

Alaska Airline Name Change Policy

Customers are allowed to examine the numerous criteria, guidelines, and restrictions indicated in the policy because the American carrier creates a distinctive name correction policy. It gives passengers the freedom to have a comprehensive understanding of the numerous laws and regulations that are involved. These are a few essentials that users should be aware of while dealing with name correction situations.

  • If you initiate the name change process within 24 hours of making the flight reservation, Alaska Airlines will correct your name without charge. In the event of a refund or a change in flight, the same rule is also proactive.
  • You will be penalized if name corrections are made after the 24-hour limit has passed.
  • Additionally, it wouldn’t be considered an error if you officially changed your name after buying a flight but before leaving. Your name on the ticket doesn’t need to be changed.
  • However, you must bring a legally binding document (such as a marriage certificate, divorce decree, court order, or other similar documents) with you when you board the plane. It is used to demonstrate to airport officials that your name has lawfully changed and that your new ID has not yet been issued.
  • Get a physical document of the Department of Transportation’s (DoT) Fly Rights page to make things go more smoothly. If the airport officials are unaware of the policy, it will be helpful to you.
  • Additionally, travelers should be aware that Alaska Airlines only permits name modifications in cases of typos involving a single letter.
  • If you wish to completely alter your name, you must present a legal document that has been signed and acknowledged by a designated official.
  • Additionally, if you purchased your ticket through a travel agency, you can update your name by getting in touch with that agency.

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What are the types of Documents required to Change the Name on Alaska Airlines?

To officially change your name, the operator may require the following types of documentation.

For Divorce  Documentation is required for changing a specific piece of legal information in situations such as divorce.
For Marriage Existing identifying documents, such as a marriage certificate issued with court directives, and previous identification proofs, are available in situations such as marriage.
Minor Changes If you have a minor name change (generally up to 3 letters) to fix an obvious mistake, such as:

Changing a name from Jan to Jane

Reversing the order of the first and last names

Correcting a typographical error in a name

Adding the last name in the middle name field

adding/correcting the title, suffix, or prefix to a name

How Alaska Airlines Name Correction Works?

Alaska Airlines offers a name correction service to help fix errors in names that don’t match a passenger’s legal ID. If you notice a typo or a misspelling in your name or your name has changed since you booked the flight (such as due to marriage or divorce), simply contact Alaska Airlines customer care at + 1-866-952-7309 to request a name correction/change.

Minor misspellings and typos (usually limited to 3 letters) and other minor changes are usually free of charge, but significant name changes will attract a USD 125 name change fee plus additional documentation, such as a marriage certificate or passport, to verify the change.

What Type of Name With Alaska Airlines Name Change Policy?

As per the name change policy, passengers can rectify a misspelling or remove a space between their names up to four characters in the first, middle, and last names.

  • Up to four characters: the 4-character limit does not mean that the first, middle, and last names must all fit within that limit.
  • Correct middle name: as long as the name on the ticket matches the name on the passport or other government-issued documents, passengers may change, add, or remove the middle name on the ticket.
  • Adding title/suffix/prefix to the name: The suffix and prefix in a passenger name may be added or removed as long as it correspond to the name on the passport or any other official document.

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  1. When does Alaska Airlines change the name on a ticket?

Alaska Airlines only permits free minor name correction in the following circumstances:

  • If the names have been inverted.
  • Last name change due to marriage/divorce.
  • Need to finish the first name.
  • If the name spellings are misspelled.
  • Correction for not more than 3 letters.
  1. What if my name is changed after marriage?

In case your name is changed after marriage, you need to present the relevant document such as the marriage license/certificate to support the name change request.

  1. How to correct the name on the Alaska Airlines ticket?

Individuals can correct/change the name via online as well as offline methods as per convenience.