Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy –When you see or realize you have made a mistake while booking your flight tickets, a sense of worry and panic takes over your mind. Southwest Airlines doesn’t even charge a penny for flight detail modifications, unlike other airlines that take hundreds of dollars from you.

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    Policy of Southwest Airlines for:

    • Wanna Get Away Ticket

    The cancellation policy for Wanna Get Away tickets is strict compared to other categories, as these tickets are the lowest priced. You can adjust your ticket after booking and without fees and penalties 10 minutes before departure time. You will get a refund in your travel funds account and use it within one year.

    • Anytime & Business Select Ticket

    The Southwest Airlines Flight Change policy for Anytime and Business Select tickets is similar to Wanna Get Away Ticket. Additionally, in case of a no-show and no changes on any existing Anytime or Business Select flight, funds of similar value will be added to your Travel Funds account.

    Southwest Airlines Flight Change

      • Fare Class changes

      There are a few exceptions when you request to change fare classes in your ticket. When switching from Anytime fare class to Business elite class, your booking value will convert to travel funds. You can reuse them for booking later. If you want to alter a flight with a same-day itinerary, additional charges might apply to the latest fare, including change fees and taxes.

      • Irregular operation

      Suppose extreme weather or any other situation not under United Airlines’ control is the reason for a flight delay or cancellation. In that case, you can make changes to your ticket for free.

      • International flight itinerary change

      Southwest Airlines charges no fees for making changes to international flight tickets. Just log in to their website and modify as per your choice for free, or you can contact a support executive to make the changes on your behalf.

      • Same-Day Changes

      Do you want to change your international flight ticket to a same-day departure? Just contact support at 1-800-435-9792. They will help initiate the change if you call them 2 hours before your departure time.

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    Southwest’s Flight Change Fees

    You don’t have to pay a single buck for changes in the ticket that you have a booking with points or cash. If you have booked a ticket with Rapid Reward points, you can check the refund in your reward account and the government fees levied on your booking travel funds account. Make sure you save the confirmation number for redeeming the points later for booking purposes.

    How to Use Southwest Travel Funds

    You can use your travel funds to book tickets only for yourself, not anyone else. The travel funds can be redeemed on new bookings only. You can check your travel funds with Southwest Airlines as follows:

    • Visit
    • Fill in your full name and confirmation number in the field.
    • Click the “check funds” button.


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