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The source of the policies is the official website of the airline it is 100 % accurate. So you don’t need to worry about the authenticity of the policies.

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The policies are detailed in every respect you can know all the important aspects of the policies of different airlines within a matter of minutes from the same source.

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The policies are updated regularly so that you can get the latest information on any policy changes in terms of flight bookings, flight cancellations, flight ticket name changes, or any other latest development .

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Once we have all the necessary flight information, we will do all it takes to get your compensation, including lodging complaints with administrative bodies and filing a case in court against the airline.


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When we have successfully claimed your compensation from the airline, we will notify you immediately, so that you can receive your rightfully owed compensation.

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Airfarepolicy no win no fee

No win, no fee

You don’t pay anything unless we are successful in claiming your compensation. When we receive the enforced compensation we will deduct 35% success fee


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We are a team of internationally recognized lawyers, transport and IT experts whose expertise and experience in the aviation industry helps us successfully enforce your passenger rights.

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Quick and easy

We have turned the hassle of claiming compensation into a laidback and carefree experience. You can submit all the necessary information in a matter of minutes and relax as we do all the work to get your compensation.