With Spirit Airlines Name Change policy , many passengers have questioned whether they can transfer the ticket ownership to another passenger or what will happen if they type the wrong name at the time of booking.

The airlines have procedures to help passengers deal with these circumstances, including how much it will cost and how far in advance of the scheduled departure travelers can change their names. Let’s read the Spirit Airlines name change policy to get a clear picture of this:

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Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy

Spirit Airlines Name Change Guidelines

Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy – The basic rule of Spirit Airlines for name corrections is that customers can change only up to three characters, either in the first, middle, or last name on the ticket. Apart from this, there are other additional guidelines to follow, such as:

  • If the name change request is due to legal grounds, the airlines will not charge any additional fee.
  • The Spirit Airlines name correction policy does not cover any other changes in the passenger information, including gender or contact details.
  • Passengers must provide supporting evidence, such as a marriage or divorce certificate, court order, or any other legal name change document, for all additional changes, such as date of birth, contact information, gender, and passport information.
  • If your name on the government-authorized identity card or passport has a middle name or a suffix/prefix, you should also add that to your ticket name.
  • Airlines will not levy any charges if you make name alterations or modifications to the ticket within 24 hours of booking.
  • Spirit airlines must be the operator of the flight ticket, and the inventory number should start with 095 for making any name change.
  • The airlines don’t allow transferring the ticket ownership to another passenger.
  • If a customer is traveling on more than one flight segment, the name change request would only apply to Spirit airline’s flight segment.

Spirit Airlines Fee on Ticket Name Change

As per fare rules, the Spirit Airlines levy the following fees:

Fare Rules Fees Levied
Name change/correction fees $225
Ticket rebooking charges $250
Name changes for flight segments from several airlines in the reservation $225
Changes in name up to three characters $225
Name change that needs official permission from the airlines $175
Changing the ticket’s ownership $200
Name corrections due to typos $150
Name corrections to Europe bound flights $150

Name Correction Methods on Spirit Airlines Tickets

Passengers can amend or modify names when booking a flight online and over the phone. Let’s learn about both methods in detail below:

Name Change Online

The steps to modify a name on a flight ticket online are as follows:

  • Visit Spirit.com, and go to the ‘manage to book’ section.
  • Enter the booking reference number and passenger’s last name and click confirm button to open the booking details.
  • After that, click ‘change’ to make alterations to the passenger’s name.
  • Enter the correct name (you can only change up to 3 letters)
  • Upload legal documents to support your name change requests.
  • Pay the fee online.
  • Click save changes, and you will receive a confirmation mail with the correct name.

Ensure the name you enter is identical to the one in the government-issued ID.

Name Change Customer Helpline

Call Spirit Airlines’ customer support to ask for a name change or correction 24 hours before the departure time.

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Spirit Name Change Policy Overview

It is prohibited to make any speculative reservations for flights in anticipation that airlines will accept a similar name change in the future. Spirit Airlines consider such actions abusive. The following are the critical aspects of the Spirit Airlines name change policy:

  • You can change the ticket name only on the existing PNR. In such cases, airlines will cancel the old ticket and make new reservations for the customers.
  • You can make changes only to the title, first name, middle name, and last name under the airline’s name correction policy.

Spirit Airlines Name Change

  • If you change more than three letters of the last, first, or middle name or any/all combinations of them, it will be considered a complete name change.
  • If you change more than three letters of the last, first, or middle name or any/all combinations of them, it will be considered a complete name change. Only passengers who have legally altered their names are eligible for such modification.

Types of Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy on Tickets

Spirit Airlines has a name change policy that allows passengers to change the name on their tickets under certain circumstances. Here are the different cases in which Spirit Airlines allows name changes:

Misspelled Name Change

Passengers occasionally need to change the names on their tickets to fix little mistakes. Passengers can correct minor spelling errors, such as misspelled names, for example. However, the Spirit Name Change Policy should also be followed for minor name changes.

Legal Name Change

The name change policy of Spirit Airlines permits passengers to modify their legal name. A legal name change may be necessary as a result of a divorce, marriage, legal proceeding, etc. To alter your name, you must present the necessary documentation.

Documents Required For Name Change

Say a traveler is forced to alter their name due to one of the aforementioned circumstances. In such a situation, they might be able to accomplish it without presenting any documents online.

Travelers may occasionally need to provide Spirit Airlines with supporting evidence in order to modify the names on their tickets, though. See what you should have available below in case of need:

  • Marriage License
  • Court Orders
  • Divorce decree
  • Supporting legal documents for a legal Name Change

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    FAQs Related to Spirit Airlines Name Correction Policy

    Q 1.) Can I change the name on my Spirit Airlines ticket?

    Ans 1.) Yes, you can change the name on your Spirit Airlines ticket under certain circumstances, such as if you have misspelled your name or if you have legally changed your name. However, the airline may charge a fee for the name change.

    Q 2.) How much does it cost to change the name on my Spirit Airlines ticket?

    Ans 2.) The cost of changing the name on your Spirit Airlines ticket can vary depending on the circumstances and the airline’s policies. The airline may charge a flat fee or a percentage of the ticket price. It’s best to check with the airline directly for the most up-to-date information on their name change fees.

    Q 3.) What documentation do I need to provide to change the name on my Spirit Airlines ticket?

    Ans 3.) The documentation required to change the name on your Spirit Airlines ticket can vary depending on the circumstances. For example, if you are changing your name due to a misspelling, you may need to provide proof of the correct spelling of your name, such as a passport or driver’s license. If you are changing the name due to a legal name change, you may need to provide legal documentation, such as a court order or marriage certificate.