United Airlines Name Change Policy – Have you booked your United Airlines Ticket with an incorrect name? Don’t worry. United Airlines allows its passengers to do minor name alterations in their tickets. They can even exchange their ticket for a nominal fee. According to United name change policy, customers can alter their name on the ticket and make it the same as on their government-authorized photo ID.

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Everything in this world is short-term, inclusive of your travel plan, and can be modified under any consequence at any particular instance. If you have booked a flight with United Airlines and out of a sudden get to know you are required to make a name change on your reservation, you have come to the correct place. In this comprehensive blog, we will get to know United Airlines Name Change Policy. We will also make sure you have all the details you need to go through this process without any effort.

Before we move further into the details of United Airlines policy, let’s highlight why is it important to correctly fill your name on your flight reservation. Airlines, including United Airlines, obey uncompromising security protocols. Your name on the reserved flight ticket must be equal to the identification you exhibit at the airport. Any difference can lead to delays, canceled boarding, or even calling off your flight. Therefore, it’s essential to keep your booking details updated and correct.

Although, you cannot change the complete name on the ticket, nor can you ransfer the ticket ownership from one person to another. There are many criteria like this under United Airlines' name change policy.

Let’s discuss them in detail below:

United Airlines Name Change Eligibility Criteria

A request for a name correction through United Airlines’ name change policy is not accepted in place of a name change of one passenger for another. If you want to modify your misspelled name, you must meet the following criteria:

  • United Airlines must be the operator of the flights.
  • The inventory of tickets must begin with 016.
  • According to United Airlines’ policy on name changes, any further name corrections are treated as a name change. Also, a “United Airlines passenger name change fee” is levied in addition to an increase in the ticket fare.
  • You can only request name correction on the united flight segment if you have an interline agreement or code-share flight ticket.

United Name Change

  • You can reissue your ticket only once for a name alteration with United Airlines.
  • You cannot request any changes to date, fare basis code, time, or fare classes of the ticket under the United name change
  • United Airlines allows only minor alterations or corrections to the passenger name on the ticket, which should be strict as per government-issued photo identity cards.
  • Airlines will not entertain any change in gender or date of birth changes at the time of name change request. However, if there is a typo error in the DOB, then you can request a minor correction.

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Any other changes or corrections to customer details on the ticket would be subject to the change ticket name policy of United Airlines.

United Name Change Policy Overview

The list of all requests that are allowed following United Airlines’ change name on ticket process is as follows:

Change Type Acceptable Alterations
1.     First, Middle, and Last Names

2.     Including a second last name

3.     Changing nickname to legal name

4.     Adding middle names to inverted names

All of these changes are permissible by United Airlines’ Name Change Policy, but only if the name on the ticket matches the name on the government-issued ID or passport. Additionally, the DOB and gender on any government-issued ID or passport must remain the same.
Alterations in name due to changing legal status [Marriage, divorce, or Adoption] In such cases, the OSI waiver code for the name change policy of United Airlines will be applicable.
Including a middle name Airlines do not allow adding a name to the existing ticket. For adding a middle name, you need to cancel and rebook your ticket.


Types of United Name Change Policy

When a traveler commits an error while reserving a ticket with United Airlines, a name change policy allows them to eliminate this trouble. There are three categories under which a passenger can rectify the misspelled name.

The following are the three types of name change policies under United Airlines:

Category 1 – Simple Modifications in a Name When the passenger’s name is incorrect on the ticket, the standard procedure will be used to correct the name. According to the United Airlines Name Correction Policy, simple mistakes on the reservation ticket don’t require the burden of documentation. These edits are limited to spelling errors or a few letter mistakes.
Category 2 – Significant Modifications in a Name Significant changes in United Airlines reservation often happen in the event of marriage or divorce, where you must disclose documents supporting your request. These changes are more substantial in comparison to the simple ones. Significant changes often happen in the event of marriage or divorce, where you must disclose documents supporting your request.
Category 3 – Affidavit with an Alternative Name It may happen that you don’t have the legal documents to support your name change. In such a case, United Airlines name change policy allows a customer to alter the name by showing the affidavit with an alternative name. It means a passenger can replace the name on ticket with the help of an affidavit. With the help of an affidavit, a traveler can also generate a photo ID copy.

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What is the United Airlines Name Change Policy for MileagePlus Account/Members?

If you have a MileagePlus account with United Airlines, you can make a simple name change or correction to your MileagePlus account without any supporting documentation. Remember that, to comply with the TSA secure flight program, the name on your MileagePlus account should match the name on your government-issued I.D.

According to the United Airlines Name Change MileagePlus policy, please update the following necessary details in your MileagePlus account:

  • You must upload the required supporting documentation.
  • The processing time for the name change is approximately two weeks.
  • Any future modifications must be requested by contacting the MileagePlus service center.

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United Airlines Ticket Transfer to Another Person

United Airlines is popular for its flexible travel-related services. Additionally, the airlines is quite strict with ticket transfers. Hence, United Airlines transfer ticket to another person is not accepted under its name change policy. Any ticket you transfer will increase the risk of having any suspicious passengers board the flight.

Above all, you can only transfer a United ticket if you have purchased a transferable ticket. These flight tickets have higher fares and allow ticket transfers to other people. Moreover, if you cannot utilize the ticket, you must cancel the flight booking or pay a cancellation fee to transfer a ticket to someone else. A new ticket to the same location will be issued by the airline.

Moreover, under the 24-hour flexible booking policy, if your flight ticket was purchased in the last 24 hours or one week or more before the initially scheduled departure flight, it may qualify for a waiver of change fees. Basic economy is not eligible for changes but is eligible for a complete refund within 24 hours of booking as long as you complete your purchase within one week or more before the scheduled departure flight.

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Name Change Request Instructions

  • For initiating the name change request, passengers should have their PNR number. Otherwise, a new six-digit code can be created with the passenger’s correct name.
  • If possible, book in the same booking class as the ticketed flight; otherwise, rebook the flights in the lowest pricing category.
  • Using the correct name, you must re-enter SFPD(Secure Flight Passenger Data). Also, other personal details like DOB and gender at the time of initial booking must match. Please note that DOB or gender changes are not allowed under United Airlines’ name alteration policy.
  • You should add an OSI entry to the new and the current PNR at the time of name correction.

United Name Change Fee

The airline will charge a $75 fee if you request a name change within 24 hours of booking the tickets. In addition, United will rebook your reservation to the lowest class available, and you have to pay the fare difference, if any.

If the 24-hour window is passed, the charges for any name correction after 24 hours and before 2 hours of flight departure is $200.

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Steps to Change the Name on the United Airlines Ticket 

Well, changing your name on a travel ticket with United Airlines is not a difficult task. if you know the procedures to perform and the actions for the name change, that will help you. 

  • The first step is to do a web search and visit the United Airlines website.
  • After visiting the website, locate and open the manage bookings section.
  • Select the airline’s Manage Booking section.
  • Then, in the “Manage to book” section, look for the flight charge option.
  • Then, one by one, enter your booking number and all of the passenger information.
  • When you’re finished with all of this, go to the page for booking information.
  • There will be an edit option there. To change the names, select the edit option.
  • You will be given online instructions on how to correct the spelling mistakes in your reservations.
  • When you’re finished, save your changes to the booking.

Aside from this online procedure for changing your name on a United Airlines ticket, there are two other ways to change your name. First, contact United Airlines’ helpline and request that the error be corrected. Second, you can simply go to the ticket center to make the necessary changes.

FAQ’s Related to United Airlines Name Change Policy
How do I change my name on a United Airlines Ticket?

Passengers can change or correct the misspelled name on their tickets by visiting the United Airlines website. If you are unable to change your tickets online, contact the airline and request a name change. According to United Airlines’ name change policy, the airline will only make eligible changes to the name in your itinerary.

What are the Supporting Legal Documents required for a Name Change?

Airlines require supporting documents to legally change your name to correct the major name correction. The legal documents are as follows:

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Divorce Decree
  • Legal name change certificate
  • A government-issued certificate that shows old and new names.
How late can you change a name on a flight with United Airlines?

Passengers have 24 hours to change their name and correct the incorrect name, whether it is a letter or the full name. Remember to go over your current flight confirmations as soon as you buy them.


United Airlines Flight Name Change Policy is created to involve travelers’ changing demands while maintaining security and order. By getting to know the policy’s ins and outs, you can dive into the process with comfort and eliminate any potential difference to your travel plans.

It is very troublesome to notice the wrong name information on the airline PNR. But we can’t simply avoid making mistakes – we are humans after all. During the reservation, it is a usual scenario when a passenger enters the wrong name details in the ticket form and gets the same wrong name printed on the ticket. According to the aviation industry rules, no traveler can get into a flight with mismatched name details on the supporting documents. That is why it is necessary for you to take instant action to get the problem resolved.