American Airlines Name Change Policy – Making typos while adding personal details during ticket booking is a prevalent mistake. Fortunately, many airlines provide easy name correction policies. But, making such changes to American Airlines tickets would not be easy as they have strict rules and regulations regarding name correction. If you have concerns regarding typos correction or legally authorized modifications in your American Airlines ticket, read more to learn about the American Airlines Name Change policy guidelines.

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American Airlines Name Change

Ticket Name Change

There is no complete name change policy for American Airlines. Once you have booked the tickets, you can change the whole name. The airlines will not allow you to update your name on the ticket even if you have booked a non-refundable ticket.

American Airlines Name Change Policy’s Guidelines

  • Any changes made within 24 hours of the initial booking are free of charge.
  • Passengers can make changes 2 hours before their scheduled departure for a small fee.
  • Corrections made 07 days or more before departure but after 24 hours of booking will be permitted.
  • American Airlines chargeres only a $25 service fee to change the name on a ticket.
  • Minor and major errors can be corrected, but only if the carrier issuing the ticket and the one on which you are traveling are the same.
  • Check that the name on the visa matches the name on the ticket.
  • According to American Airlines’ policy on changing passenger names, changes to the last name must be three characters or less.
  • The name change policy allows for the use of a legal name.
  • You can also include an additional last name.
  • It is possible for the first name to change.
  • The first and last names on the tickets can be changed.
  • In addition to the name change fee, there is a mandatory processing fee. It is $25
  • There are several ways to change your name.

Ticket Name Correction Circumstances

American Airlines only permits minor and major name alterations on your tickets if you hold any of the following:

TSA pre-Global Entry card



Also, make sure the name you have submitted doesn’t have an exact match.

Minor Name Correction

If you have booked tickets for American Airlines or American Eagle flights, you can only make minor changes to your itineraries. Follow the major name correction guidelines if your itineraries are ticketed on the “R” inventory.

Major Name Correction

Any name correction on American airlines’ “R” Inventory tickets of codeshare flight segments requires a new PNR to make changes. Due to software limitations, such changes cannot be made with the same PNR.

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Name Modifications To American Tickets Conditions

American Travel Is Easy If You Are

  • Only Switching first name and last name on the ticket.
  • Changing the last name of 3 characters or fewer,
  • Changing the first name.
  • Making changes as per legally authorized modifications due to divorce or marriage.
  • Modifying middle initial or middle name.
  • Changing the nickname to the full name

American Airlines Name Change

Alterations are easy for domestic travel but become difficult for foreign travel. So, make sure that your name on the visa is the same as your legal document and ID.

American Airlines Name Correction Methods

If you have booked American Airlines tickets and need to change the name on the booking reservation, such as changing the ticket due to marriage or any other reason, then follow the methods below to get it done hassle-free.

Name change via Online portal

Follow the following steps to make changes to your ticket:

  • Visit and log in with your PNR number.
  • Once logged in, you can make modifications to your ticket
  • Save the changes before you exit the page.

Name change via Customer Support

Call the American airline helpline number and ask the customer support supervisor to change your flight ticket’s name or other itineraries.

Do American Airlines Charge Any Fees For A Name Change?

American Airlines charges a processing fee of $25 for modifications made on tickets before departure.

American Airlines, like any other airline, can only change its name for minor changes to the itinerary. Although such fees are limited to minor corrections, they are required. And, if the airline sees fit, it may impose an additional surcharge. A significant name change is permitted, but it will cost passengers $200 for domestic flights and $700 for international flights. However, such changes are only permitted if they are made within the 24-hour grace period.

American Airlines Change Name on Flight Ticket due to Marriage/Divorce

Marriage and divorce are two of the few legal circumstances that allow for a complete name change. The American Airlines name change policy allows passengers to modify their last name in cases of marriage and divorce, but they have to present supporting legal documentation for the name change, and that legal document should be issued by the government.

FAQs on American Airlines Name Change

Q 1.) How to Transfer a Ticket to American Airlines?

Ans 1.) The airline may allow you to transfer a ticket to another flight depending on your fare type. However, the airline does not allow you to transfer your bookings to another passenger.

To transfer your existing flight ticket to another flight, you must contact American Airlines’ reservation specialists. You can change your flight on American Airlines thanks to the support team. You may be charged for doing so, and it is entirely dependent on availability.

Q 2.) What are the major name changes on American Airlines?

Ans 2.) Passengers can make significant changes to their names under the following conditions, according to the critical name change policy:

  • Marriage
  • Adoption
  • Divorce
  • Government Issued Documents with the old name will be changed to the new name
Q 3.) What Type of Documents Are Required for a Name Change?

Ans 3.) Some name-change procedures are carried out legally, and American Airlines agrees with them:

  • Marriage license
  • Divorce decree
  • Legal name change document
  • Passport showing prefix or suffix in the name or photo ID (Government-issued).

Still, Confused?

Contact American Airlines name correction helpline for support. Also, you can drop an e-mail or ask your queries in the live chat box.