Allegiant Air Name Change Policy – Every human being makes mistakes daily. Mainly we bear consequences, and that’s how we learn from our mistakes. In the aviation industry, too, mistakes are pretty common. While in a hurry, people unknowingly make silly mistakes, such as filling in incorrect information on ticket reservation forms. Thus, Allegiant Airlines came up with its name change policy to prevent passengers from facing the ordeal. If you have made such a silly mistake while booking your Allegiant flight ticket, read more to learn about Allegiant Air name change policy.

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  • The Allegiant Air name change policy strictly prohibits ticket transfers.
  • If passengers are confused about whether they have successfully changed their name, airlines let them cancel the ticket under their name change policy guidelines.
  • People can only correct or alter flight reservation information if their name changes legally or is misspelled.
  • If your marital status change is the reason behind your name change request, airlines allow you to make alterations upon disclosure of supporting legal documents.
  • The Allegiant Airlines name correction policy doesn’t allow passengers to change their full name and surname. They can change a few letters only if the name is misspelled.
  • You may make changes to your reservation within 24 hours of booking. After 24 hours of making a reservation, requesting a name change will require you to pay a change fee.

For More detail call to our expert at +1 866-952-7309

Allegiant Air Name Change

Allegiant Airlines Name Change Options

Passengers are allowed to make name corrections and alterations using any of the below-stated methods:

  • Name change via the Official website

Follow the following steps to change the name on your Allegiant Airlines ticket:

  • Visit Allegiant Airlines’s official website:
  • Log in with your booking reference number in your account and click the “Manage Travel” option.
  • Look for the name that needs correction and make the changes.
  • To avoid further mistakes, ensure you have entered the correct details.
  • Save your changes to submit requests.
  • Airlines will notify you via SMS/mail regarding the name change.
  • Name Change via Support Helpline

If you don’t have access to an internet connection or time to do the name correction procedure yourself. You can contact customer care services at 702) 505-8888, and they will make the alterations on your behalf. It is a toll-free number that will connect you to the Allegiant Air Customer support team, and they will assist you further.

Name Correction Fee for Allegiant Airline

All corrections in the airline’s ticket are free within 24 hours of booking. However, if you want to change your full name, it is not for free. Only typos and misspelling errors are permitted for free change. For further information, read the below guidelines:

  • Allegiant Airlines charges fees for any other type of name change. Any such changes must be made seven days before the flight’s departure date in accordance with the airline’s name change policy. The “NO-SHOW” provision may apply if you do not comply.
  • It will cost $75 per ticket to make each change. In hypothetical situations, however, the differential fare is arbitrary.
  • Travelers on Flex tickets are exempt from these fees. You must make the adjustments within seven days of your departure date. It may cost between $175 and $200 if there is a significant adjustment. Moreover, taxes and processing fees will always be charged.

Conditions Under Which Allegiant Air Ticket Name Change Is Applicable

Though the customers are asked to be extra cautious while filling in their personal details, mistakes are bound to happen. Contrary, to the rumours, Allegiant Air name correction/change is not applicable under all the conditions. It is allowed only in few specific conditions such as mentioned below:

  • Legal name change – One of the rare conditions under which you can apply to change your name is when your name has been legally changed. The reason for legal name change is also crucial as it should have been changed only due to adoption, marriage, or divorce. The person would be required to register legal documentation such as court orders, marriage certificates, or adoption papers. A name change fee is charged when the name is legally changed as an airline is required to issue a new ticket in the applicant’s legally changed name.
  • Spelling Mistakes – Often, customers make spelling mistakes or typos while filling in their personal details. These mistakes can be rectified free of cost if informed within 24 hours of booking.
  • Changed information of passengers – If changes occur to the personal information of passengers such as passport information, contact information, gender or date of birth these changes can also be made under the name change policy of Allegiant Air.

Consequences Of Incorrect Name On Tickets

In case a passenger forgets to apply for a name change and tries to board an Allegiant Air flight, the repercussions can be serious. The name on the air ticket should match that on government-issued IDs as per the TSA rules. The government IDs used for the verification could be driving licenses, passports, or other documents. On finding the mismatch a passenger will not be allowed to board the flight and his/her ticket will be canceled. Therefore, be extra cautious while booking the tickets or contact the airline authorities seven days of the flight’s departure.

Documents Required To Apply For Name Change in Allegiant Air

In case there is a minor typo in the name that required to be changed, passengers can get it corrected simply through the airline’s online portal. There is no need to present any legal document to the airline.

If it is a legal name change or other serious situation, a certain type of document are used for the process. These documents need to be submitted in a stipulated period of time to make the required changes. Submit these documents to the concerned authority to get your name changed in your flight ticket:

  • Court orders
  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce Papers
  • Adoption Papers
  • Legal Documents for a name change policy

FAQs on Allegiant Air Name Correction/Change

Q 1.) Can I Change My Full Name On My Allegiant Air Flight Ticket?

Ans 1.) No, you cannot change your full name or surname once it has been registered. The name change policy only allows spelling mistakes and legal name changes to be edited on the air tickets. A passenger can opt for either an online or offline method to change the name with all the required documents. Once the change is made, the passenger receives a confirming notification on their registered mobile number.

Q 2.) How Can I Change My Incorrect Name On The Air Ticket?

Ans 2.) There are several resorts that can be taken to change your name on the flight ticket. A passenger can directly visit the airline’s office and get it corrected. You can also visit the airline’s official website to make the change. In case a passenger does not have internet connectivity and cannot visit the airline’s office, they can take help from the support help line and make a call to change their name.

Q 3.) Is It Possible To Change My Name Via Phone?

Ans 3.) Yes, you can change your name via phone if you have all the required documents for the process. You can use this option if you are not under internet coverage and lack time to visit the office. Once the documents will be uploaded, you will be asked to fill in following details:

  • Correct name
  • Legal documents
  • Confirmation Code
  • Flight Details

Q 4.) Is Changing Name On The Air Ticket Is Free Of Cost? If Not How Much Does It Cost?

Ans 4.) Only misspellings and minor typos are changed free of cost. Other, changes on air ticket is not free of cost as a stipulate fee is charged. It costs $75 per ticket to make each change. All the changes must be made as per the airline’s name change policy and seven days before the flight’s departure. In different situations, arbitrary fares can be charged between $175 – $200. However, all the corrections on air tickets can be made free of cost in the 24-hour window.


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