Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy – There are occasions when we spell names incorrectly, and this might result in a large loss. However, worse comes to worst when we accidentally enter the wrong name or spelling when purchasing a plane ticket. Although it happens frequently, anyone can run into it. Southwest offers a simple solution to remedy this error. The process is easy and the airline company’s flexible policy allows you to change your name without any hiccups. Here are the procedures you need to follow for Southwest Airlines’ name change policy. Dive in to find out!

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Name change policy governed by Southwest Airlines

According to Southwest Airlines’ name change policy, customers may modify up to 4 characters of their name on a ticket. Additionally, no independent travel agents are permitted to make a new PNR to change the name on a flight reservation made with an airline. According to the Southwest Airlines name change policy:

  • Rapid Reward members cannot seek a name change on their Southwest tickets, and this is prohibited by the terms of their frequent flyer agreement.

Southwest Airlines Name Change

  • On the current PNR, no ownership changes are allowed.
  • The ticket is forwarded for ticket issuance after the name change on the Southwest ticket is finished. Any applicable fare difference as well as a name change fee would be taken.
  • Any name change requests for reservations including flights operated by codeshare or interline partners would only be accepted for that particular travel segment.
  • When executing a name change on a Southwest Airlines reservation, the most stringent fare regulations will be used if there are several fare rules listed on the ticket.
  • Passengers must choose seats again after the correction request is finished; seats cannot be switched between the new and old PNRs.
  • According to Southwest Airlines’ policy, flight segments connected to the incorrect name must be canceled to prevent no-shows, and an e-ticket can be refunded.

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Additionally, customers may correct up to four characters of their first, middle, or last name on their changed name on the ticket. Only the airline’s customer service number can be used to submit any Southwest name change requests. The airlines prohibit changing the travelers’ ownership in a current PNR. Passengers in this situation must cancel their reservation, request a refund, and, if space is available, book a flight using a new traveler’s name. The following steps would be appropriate when handling name change requests:

Steps for name change in Southwest Airlines

  • Open the Southwest Airlines website and select the “manage booking” area if you wish to modify the passenger’s name.
  • Click the Change Reservations link placed below the Manage Booking section.
  • Now enter your first and last name and booking number under the “alter reservations” option to retrieve all of your flight information.
  • Once your flight information is loaded, use the online instructions to see whether your airline permits changing the flight.
  • If so, after all the procedures have been taken, tap to modify the name and save the changes.
  • You can also phone the airline staff’s helpline and ask them to modify the passenger’s name.

South West Airlines Name Change Policy

Nothing in this world is permanent, counting your travel schedule, and can alter under any consequences at any moment. If you have confirmed a flight with South West Airlines and immediately notice you will have to make a name change on your reservation, you have come to the correct place. In this exclusive blog, we will explore South West Airlines Name Change Policy, confirming you have all the details you need to go through this method hassle-free. Contact us at the Toll-free number +1 866-952-7309 to know more information.

Before we delve deeper into the information of South West Airlines Name Change Policy, let’s highlight why confirming the correctness of your name on your flight booking is so essential. Airlines, including South West Airlines, obey stringent security protocols. Your name on the reserved flight ticket must be equal to the identification you show at the airport. Any difference can lead to delays, refused boarding, or even cancellation of your flight. Therefore, it’s essential to keep your reservation details updated and accurate.

South West Airlines Name Change Offline

It is feasible that you choose the offline procedure more than the online one and find it simpler, easy, and trustworthy. You can decide to reach out straight to the airport and get the name modified. Verify to check in advance and carry along all the specified documents with you.

  • If you want a convenient and stress-free Name Change method without any complexity and hassle, you can call the Toll-free number +1 866-952-7309, and one of our executives will assist you with the whole name change method.
  • Just tell them the details like your full name and registration number and they will get your booking.
  • You will have to pay a name change fee.
  • After the completion of the payment, the changes will be confirmed and you can finally be at ease.

FAQs on South West Airlines Name Change Policy

Question1. Can we modify the name after the booking on my South West Airlines flight?

Answer. Yes, you can modify the name but you have to keep in mind the guidelines and terms for the name correction.

Question2. Is there any particular document that I need to carry along for identification?

Answer. You only require a government ID proof to show at the Airport. In some cases, a marriage certificate as a document is also needed.

It’s a wrap!

If the name rectification is claimed within 24 hours of ticket booking, a 150 USD fee will be charged by Southwest Airlines. The representatives have the right to request copies of any legal documents or other proof of identity.

For a name change Southwest Airlines, the cost is 200 USD, only name corrections till 4 characters are permitted after 24 hours. The fare difference might be charged if a ticket is issued again in a higher service class.

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