American Airlines Flight Change Policy – Vacation planning can take a lot of time and effort. How easy will it be to change or cancel your plans when things go wrong? Well, that depends on the American Airlines Flight Change policy. Every airline has a different set of rules and regulations for altering flight details or canceling tickets. If you are traveling with American Airlines, here is an overview of American Airlines’ flight change policy that can help you to make the alterations.

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    American Airlines Flight Change Guidelines

    In a recent announcement, American Airlines has eliminated change fees for the short-haul and domestic flights from and to these destinations:

    • All U.S. states
    • Canada
    • Puerto Rico
    • Mexico
    • S. Virgin Islands
    • Caribbean

    Expect basic economy class, and these rules apply to all tickets. American Airlines is making its flight change policy more flexible. You can change your flight by paying a nominal fee, but you can make the changes only once.

    Check out American Airlines flight modification and revocation policies regarding award tickets. It’s no longer necessary to pay a fee to cancel an award flight. Also, the day of departure is no longer a penalty for changing an award flight; there is more to it. Let’s read it all in detail

    American Airlines Flight Cancellation Guidelines

    There are some recent changes in the flight cancellation guidelines too by American Airlines. They allow its passengers to modify their itinerary, but only once. You can rebook your flight or change the destination by paying a small fee. Also, you must pay the difference amount when you cancel one flight and rebook it later.

    American Airlines’ fees and fines

    Any alterations you need to make to the flight ticket should be within 24 hours of making the reservations with any fee. However, airlines charge a change or cancellation fee if you make any modifications after 24 hours of booking. The only exceptional case is Basic Economy tickets. You cannot change anything in these tickets.

    Flight change and cancellation fees involve a $200 fee for domestic and up to $750 price for international nonrefundable domestic flights. Additionally, you have to pay the difference in fare, if any.

    If you cancel your refundable fare, you will receive a full credit to your credit card. However, it is often exponentially more expensive than a nonrefundable ticket. Since American Airlines waives all cancellation fees for award tickets, using American Airlines miles is an excellent option for those with flexible travel plans.

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    American Airlines Flight Cancellation and Change Process

    American Airlines flight change and cancellation process are extremely easy, and even your grandparents can make modifications with ease by following the below steps:

    • Log in to, and Click ‘Your trips.’
    • Look for your flight and click the ‘view or change option. You will find two drop-down options: change or cancel.
    • Click whichever alteration you need to make. Do the changes and save it. You will receive a change confirmation email on your mail I.D. as soon as you make your ticket changes.

    Airlines will charge a $75 fee on same-day changes, which is waived for Executive Platinum and Platinum Pro status fellows.

    American Airlines Flight Change

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