Delta Airlines Flight Change Policy – As per Delta Airlines Flight change policy, minor changes to confirmed reservations can be made for a convenience fee. To identify whether the traveler’s name matches the one on their passport or other acceptable photo ID, Delta Airlines permits name correction in accordance with Department of Transportation standards.

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    In addition, the name-change policy of Delta Airlines prohibits the transfer of ownership strictly. The following criteria need to be met to alter the name of a passenger on a Delta airline ticket:

    • The airline must operate the flight, and the first number on each ticket must be 006
    • The alternate name on the ticket request is only reflected on the airlines segments in the case of codeshare or interline agreement flights.
    • For name correction on Delta Airlines tickets, only one reissue is permitted.
    • The date of the flight, arrival/destination point, or fare class cannot be changed. Additionally, neither the gender nor the birthdate may be modified or corrected.
    • Only minor modifications to the DOB would be permitted owing to mistakes made when making a reservation.
    • Each passenger is allowed one correction in the requests. The Delta change passenger name policy does not apply to any other modifications to the traveler’s personal information.
    • Tickets must be issued again if the name correction plea has already been processed for Delta Airlines but still needs to be changed.
    • Minor Delta name changes of up to 3 characters are the only ones allowed.
    • The Delta name change policy would apply to changes made to the date of birth and/or gender.

    Charges for correcting/changing name on Delta Ticket

    Less than 24 hours after making a reservation, a name correction request will incur a 125 USD change cost. It’s likely that the reservation will be issued once more in the same service class. There may be differences in fares. After 24 hours, a fee of USD 275 is levied for the Delta name change. Reservations would be made in the cheapest fare class, or one that is comparable. There may be differences in the cost. Fare variations can be present.

    Delta Airlines Flight Change

    Procedure for the changing the name on Delta Airlines Ticket

    Only if the tariff rules connected to your reservation allow, the alteration of name is possible. The following requirements must be satisfied following Delta’s name change guidelines to change the name:

    • Tickets with the stock number 006 must be issued by Delta Airlines, and the airline company needs to be the validating channel for flights.
    • If you have already checked in, the change of name cannot be completed.

    You can alter the passenger’s name on Delta Ticket both offline and online. For online, you need to go to and click on the “My Trips” segment. Select the name correction tab after entering your booking reference number, change the name, and confirm and save. Once you are done, go to the checkout page and pay the applicable fee.

    On the other hand, if you are calling a customer service number, provide the e-ticket number or 6-digit PNR to retrieve your booking. Request with the agent to rectify the name and once they are done, proceed with the fee.

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