Booking a ticket with Delta Airlines- Go through the Delta Name Change Policy!

Delta Airlines Name Change Policy – While booking an air ticket, it is essential to enter your details correctly and double-check them to avoid unnecessary hassle. Of course, you don’t want the airport authorities to turn you away for a minor spelling mistake in your name. Many airlines strictly prohibit name correction post-booking. But, if you are travelling with Delta Airlines, they allow you minor name changes or corrections like rectifying typographical errors or legally authorised name changes to verify whether or not your name matches your passport and valid photo id. Therefore, it’s always the best idea; to read the Delta name change policy before you book the ticket.

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Also, remember that the airline will permit minor revisions only if you have confirmed bookings for a fee, which does not extend to or include changing the ticket name from one passenger to another. According to the Fly-Rights of the Depart of Transportation, your flight ticket must have the same name as mentioned in your Government-issued photo ID or passport. Worry not! If you are recently married, you can carry the marriage certificate as valid legal proof of your name change. Whatever the case, you can qualify for the delta name change if you satisfy the following criteria:

  • It must be a Delta Airlines-operated flight, with the ticket inventory starting with 006.

Delta Airlines Name Change

  • The Airline will process the ticket name change request only if the flight belongs to the codeshare segment or is an interline agreement flight.
  • For name correction, Delta Airlines will permit only one reissue per ticket.
  • Apart from name change or correction, you can request no other modifications like flight date alteration, fare class change or amending the origin or destination point.
  • While booking, if any error occurs in the date of birth or name, the Delta allows minor corrections, though changes in gender are a strict no.
  • Delta Airlines does not authorise further alteration once the name change request has already begun. In such a case, you need to apply for reissued plane tickets.

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Delta Airlines Name Correction: Its Methods!

Different bookings have varied fare rules. So, your ticket name change or correction is possible only if the fare rules related to your booking, sanctions it. Here is how you can revise the incorrect name:

  • Online Procedure: You can visit Delta Airlines’ official website and begin the name change process.
  1. Find out the ‘My Trips’ section and correctly enter your 6-digit booking reference number. You can also type the 13-digit flight ticket number with your last name.
  2. As the name correction tab appears, click on it and insert the rectified name. Do not forget that your ticket name must match your government id and passport.
  • On completion, click on the ‘confirm and save’ option enabling the correction request.
  1. Next, the checkout page will open, whereby you require paying the name change fees and the applicable fare difference amount. The reissued ticket might be of the same class or lower available class.
  2. Finally, you will receive a confirmation mail at your registered email id confirming your name change.
  • Helpline Number: Another way to initiate the delta name change process is by calling the helpdesk. If you notice a mistake in your name after the ticket is issued, directly contact the reservation authorities of Delta Airlines, discuss with them your issues and act as per the guidelines they provide.

Delta Airlines Name Change Request: What do you need to know?

Delta Airlines allow name correction and alteration against a fee of USD 125 if you initiate the request within 24 hours of flight booking. Beyond that, the charges amounting to USD 275 may apply. Following are the cases when the Airlines will accept your request:

  • Whether you want to modify your first, middle or Last name, change your nickname to a legal name or add a second last name, your gender, DOB and all the modifications must match your government id or passport.
  • If you wish to add a legal name due to marriage, divorce or adoption, the name change waiver code related to OSI Delta Airlines will apply.
  • Where you have to add a middle name to the air ticket, the booking authorities will create a new PNR, and you must rebook the flight in a new reservation slot.

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Different Situations for the Name Change/Correction

For a name change/name correction, you must take the necessary steps based on the situation. For example, one passenger may need to know how to change the first name, whereas another passenger may need to change the last name. As a result, you must be aware of all situations and proceed accordingly. Furthermore, you can make the necessary changes quickly by adhering to the airline’s name correction policy.

Delta Airlines understands how difficult it is for passengers to discover the incorrect name on their flight ticket. As a result, for their convenience, it provides an easy-to-understand process for the name change policy. Just make sure to read all of the instructions for a trouble-free trip.

Correction To The First And Middle Name

You can correct the errors in the middle and first names whenever you want. When the passenger requests a change, the travel agent will assist them in correcting the name and reissuing the ticket without a waiver code. They will also inform the passenger of the following steps:

  • Check the PNR to make sure the name is correct.
  • Add the OSI message to the PNR. It will indicate that a name correction has been completed.
  • As an equal exchange, the airline will issue a ticket. It simply means that you cannot change your flights or dates.
  • Please keep in mind that no waiver code is required.
  • Changes to the passenger’s surname

Changes to the last name are easy to make under Delta Airlines’ correction policy, and you will receive the Delta Flight Ticket without a waiver code. Some crucial information that you need to know:

  • Delta Airlines allows only three characters in the last name to be changed. If you need to correct more than three letters, contact global sales support for assistance right away.
  • Following that, the travel agent will take the same steps as described above in the first and middle name correction policies.
  • The only difference will be in the OSI message.

Addition to the Last Name

Delta Airlines passengers are even permitted to add something to their surnames without changing them. Let’s go over the essential guidelines.

  • An example of this situation is Kennedy/John can be changed to Smith Kennedy/John.
  • The Delta Airlines travel agent will add the OSI message after checking the name in the PNR.
  • The ticket will be issued again. Delta Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy
  • Please keep in mind that you will be unable to make any other changes to your flight ticket.

Last & First Name is reserved on the Ticket

Have you misspelled the first and last names? According to Delta Airlines’ Name Change or Correction Policy, you can easily reverse the name. Read the following information to learn more about this situation.

  • For instance, Kennedy/John should be spelled SMITH/John.
  • The agent will then reverse the names using the same steps.
  • The OSI message will be unique.

FAQs on Delta Airline Ticket Name Change Policy

Q 1.) Can I Fly If My Name is Spelling Wrong on The Delta Airline?

Ans 1.) No! If you entered the wrong name while making a reservation, you must correct it as soon as possible. If you do not correct the error, you will not be allowed to board the scheduled flight. To ensure a smooth flight with the airline, try to correct the name as soon as possible.

Q 2.) How can I correct my name on my Delta Airline flight ticket?

Ans 2.) Delta Airlines offers several options for correcting an incorrect name on a flight ticket. You can visit the official Delta Airlines website, visit the airport kiosk, or call a Delta representative. All of these methods of name change/correction are simple to implement. Furthermore, once you have completed the necessary steps, the travel agent will immediately begin the name correction procedure.

Q 3.) Does Delta Airlines permit a middle name on the flight ticket?

Ans 3.) It is not necessary to include the middle name in your booking because your airline profile will contain all of the necessary information. It will make no difference if you do not include your middle name on the flight ticket.

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