Delta Name Correction Policy – If you book your flight and notice when you read the confirmation email that your name is incorrect, you can contact Delta Name Correction and check if you can alter it. According to the Department of Transportation guidelines, tickets should have the same name as the passenger’s legal ID or documents. Thus, Delta Airlines allows its passengers to make minor corrections at a nominal fee as per Delta Name Correction Policy. 

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Delta Name Change Eligibility Criteria

Delta Airlines does not allow transferring the ownership of the ticket to anyone. If you want to make corrections to your name on the Delta ticket, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Your ticket inventory should start from 006, and the flight should only be operated by Delta Airlines.
  • The airlines only process name change requests for Delta flight segments in case of interline or codeshare agreement flights.
  • You can reissue your Delta ticket only once for name correction purposes.
  • Apart from the name, Delta Airlines Name Change policy doesn’t allow any changes to the date of birth, origin/destination point, ticket date, class, or gender. However, you can make minor changes to the date of birth only in case of mistakes committed at the time of booking.
  • This policy permits only minor corrections of up to 3 characters.
  • You cannot correct your ticket twice. Airlines will reissue the ticket if the request is once processed and the ticket still needs changes.

For More detail call to our expert at +1 866-952-7309

Name Change Request Overview

The following is the complete overview of what must be accepted under the Delta name change policy:

Correction Type Acceptable Changes
Changes to

●      First/Last Name

●      Nickname to Legal name

●      adding Middle Name,

●      Adding a second Last Name

All these changes need to match with your government-issued ID/Passport. Also, your gender and DOB must be identical to it.


Adding legal name under circumstances of

●       Marriage

●       Divorce

●      Adoption

OSI Delta Airlines’ name change waiver code will apply in such cases.


Adding Middle Name to ticket Passengers should rebook their flight in a new reservation slot in case of the middle name change, per Delta’s name change policy. In this process, a new record locator or PNR is created.

Delta Name Change Fees

Delta Airlines charges 125 USD for name corrections within 24 hours of booking. Reissue of the reservation would be in the same class of service as the original reservation.
The Delta name change fee is 275 USD after 24 hours. Reissues would be in the same or lower fare class. Fare differences may apply in all cases.

Delta Name Change Methods

  • Name change online

Here are the steps you need to follow:

    • Visit and go to “My Trips”
    • Enter your personal and ticket details to log in.
    • Navigate to the name correction tab and make the changes.
    • Confirm & save your corrections, and your changes will be done.

Delta Name Correction

  • Name change over call

You can call a Delta support center and provide your PNR or e-ticket number. Convey the changes you need to make to your ticket and pay the fee. You are also required to send your government ID/Passport details.