Lufthansa Airlines Name Correction Policy – You need to know that according to the aviation industry rules generally, air passengers should have a similar name on the flight ticket as it is on their passport.  Further, you need to know that it is considered a violation of the rules if you travel with a name on the flight ticket which does not match your passport name.

Are you flying with Lufthansa Airlines? and are looking to make name corrections in the Lufthansa flight tickets? You will get comprehensive information through the Lufthansa Airlines name correction policy. All you have to do is to follow the guidelines as prescribed in the policy to get things in the right format for a name correction on a Lufthansa  Fight Ticket.

For instant help, passengers can also contact +1-866-952-7309 any time 24×7

About Lufthansa Airlines

Lufthansa Airlines is one of the premier airlines in the world.  The airline is pledged to facilitate comfortable and convenient air travel for passengers from across the globe with exceptional best-in-class flight services and cost-effective fares. Before we dwell further on the main topic of discussion.

Let’s get an insight into the operations of Luftansa Airlines:

  • Headquartered in Cologne, Germany, Lufthansa Airlines is one of the most preferred airlines in the world
  • The airline offers world-class air services to passengers
  • The airline with several subsidiaries is the largest in Europe
  • The airline came into inception in 1953 and it currently serves passengers across 220 domestic and international destinations
  • Internationally, the German-based airline takes passengers to over 80 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North America, and South America
  • Lufthansa Airlines is also among the 5 Founder Members of Star Alliance
  • The main functional hub of the airline, also known as Lufthansa Aviation Center, is situated at the Frankfurt Airport

Know Why You Need to Correct the Wrong Name on a Flight Ticket?

Air Passengers are supposed to comply with flight-related rules and policies before they take a flight. The most prudent thing about air travel is to explore all prospects that ensure good air flight deals and secure air journeys.

While there are many things you can do to make your flight journey comfortable and hassle-free one important thing you can do is to write your correct name on the flight ticket at all times.  You need to remember that the name on the flight ticket should match the name on the passport. Please note any mismatch in the name on the flight ticket could put a stop to your air journey.

No passenger can proceed on an air journey if his/her name on the ticket does not match the name mentioned on the passport.

  • Your name must accurately depict the exact letters and words on the flight ticket matching the passport name
  • Please note it is a clear violation of aviation rules and procedures if your name is spelled incorrectly on the flight ticket and you still try to board a flight.
  • Passengers should rectify errors in the stipulated  time for name correction
  • Well, your booking can be treated as null and void by the airline if you fail to correct the name within the stipulated time

What is the Lufthansa Name Correction Policy?

Did you put your name on the Lufthansa Airlines ticket which is spelled incorrectly? Luckily, passengers can make name modifications to their tickets by adhering to the procedure mentioned in the name correction policy of Lufthansa Airlines. Well coming to the main topic, Lufthansa Airlines allows passengers to make changes or corrections to the name on the air ticket through its own set of rules.  The rules of  Lufthansa  Airlines clearly state that the name on the ticket must be exactly as mentioned on the government-issued ID. Hence, one needs to pay attention while booking the flight ticket to ensure that the name entered is correct.

Generally, Lufthansa allows only one single name correction for each passenger flight ticket. Please note that ticket transfer to another passenger’s name is strictly prohibited. Further, passengers can change or correct the name if it has been changed after marriage, divorce, gender change, and other acceptable reasons.

The Lufthansa Group Airline Support comes into action after the details of the passenger is obtained. The passenger’s name can be corrected if it is a typing error in the real name. Lufthansa Airlines permits name corrections in the following scenario:

  • You can make corrections of up to two letters in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd names
  • You can make corrections to the nickname
  • You can make name corrections in an inverted sequence
  • You are not allowed to make any other corrections to the air ticket or PNR

Passengers can’t make corrections in the following scenario:

  • Lufthansa doesn’t permit making corrections in more than two letters in the first, second, and third name
  • Passengers can add or delete the first, second, or third name according to the rules
  • Similarly, the addition or removal of the second family name is not permitted
  • One can’t change, delete, add, or exchange MR/MRS/MS or other titles such as Dr/Prof in case of wrong input

The passenger can’t be replaced by another person for the same air ticket,  If another person wants to travel with the passenger, a new ticket must be purchased

How to Make Corrections in the Name with Lufthansa Airlines?

You must be wondering how one can make corrections in the name on the Lufthansa Airlines ticket. The airline offers several ways and alternatives to passengers in terms of name correction. Like many other airlines, Lufthansa also permits passengers to change their names on flight tickets through online or offline methods. Let’s have a look.

Lufthansa Airlines Name Correction Online

The German airline accepts corrections through its online portals. You can visit the official website to make name changes after logging in with booking credentials. If you encounter any problem while making corrections in the name, you can simply dial +1-866-952-7309 (toll-free).

Various steps involved in the digital process for name correction on the  Lufthansa  Airlines  ticket are mentioned below:

  • Visit the official web portal of the airline
  • You need to find the multi-functional tab named ‘Manage Booking’
  • After that, the slots that appear must be filled with the booking number and family name
  • Then you must click on the ‘Get Flights’ button, you will see a list of booking options
  • Select the right booking for which you want to make name correction
  • After that, you will have to pay the service fee as prescribed
  • Finally, you will get a confirmation mail from the airline

In case you find any difficulty doing name correction online you can simply contact the Lufthansa Customer Service Assistance Center at +1-866-952-7309

Lufthansa Airlines Name Correction Offline

For those who aren’t familiar with online functioning, Lufthansa offers an offline facility to help such passengers. To proceed further, you can contact the airline officials by dialing +1-866-952-7309  The airline representatives will ask you for your booking reference number and your last name.

Additionally, you can also visit the nearest airline ticket counter at the airport. Don’t forget to take the government-issued ID for verification.

Lufthansa Airlines Name Correction Fee

Lufthansa has a prescribed charge for making corrections in the passenger’s name on a flight ticket. Passengers must go through the Lufthansa airlines name correction policy to get detailed insight into the fee structure and other charges.

The official website is the primary source to learn about the same. You can also call the Lufthansa Customer Service Number (+1-866-952-7309) to get the latest information on fee structure regarding name correction

Why should you go through the Lufthansa Airlines Ticket Policy?

Air Travel is always a fantastic and thrilling exposure for all of us. However, passengers should know everything they need to know about the various policies of the airline they are flying with.

Lufthansa airlines name correction policy has been created to cater to all kinds of passenger requirements in terms of flight ticket name correction.  The airline has created this comprehensive policy along with advanced online service and dedicated offline service to help passengers in terms of name correction on their flight tickets.

The Lufthansa Airline’s advanced online service keeps updating the information regularly according to the change in rules and regulations of the aviation industry so that the passengers are well aware of these changes in the rules including rules for name correction in the flight ticket.

Lufthansa  Airlines  Passengers can contact  +1-866-952-7309 or visit to understand the Lufthansa Airlines Name Correction Policy in detail.

Lufthansa Airlines has a  dedicated team that is in service of the passengers 24×7 to find solutions for passenger grievances promptly on the spot. These comprehensive services by Lufthansa  Airlines are ensuring the most passenger-friendly, flexible, and hassle-free air travel for its passengers.

Need more help?

Still, confused about Lufthansa Airlines Name Correction Policy ? Instead of beating behind the bush or reading the refund rules and regulations time and again, reach out to the experts to get your cancellation approved or refund processed as soon as possible.

FAQs Related to  Lufthansa Airlines Name Correction Policy

What documents are required to correct a name on a Lufthansa Airlines ticket?

The documents required to correct a name on a Lufthansa Airlines ticket may vary depending on the specific case, but typically, you will need to provide a government-issued ID or passport and proof of the correct spelling of your name.

How long does it take to correct the name on a Lufthansa Airlines ticket?

In some cases, you can correct your name on a Lufthansa Airlines ticket in a few hours and in some cases, it will take a few days. Basically, it is vary to different types of name correction policies. 

What if I need to change my name on my Lufthansa Airlines ticket due to marriage or divorce?

 If you need to change your name on a Lufthansa Airlines ticket due to marriage or divorce, you will need to provide legal documentation, such as a marriage certificate or divorce decree, to prove the name change.

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