WestJet Airlines Name Change Correction Policy – Have you booked your ticket with WestJet Airlines and misspelled your name? Issue with the name on your document & tiket can create an issue at WestJet Check in. Well, you need not worry! The WestJet Airlines Name Correction/Change Policy will enable you to get it modified without any problem. Canadian Airlines prioritizes the convenience of travelers. Therefore, it provides flexible name change policies and services.

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Overview of WestJet Airlines

WestJet Airlines is known as Canada’s second-largest aviation company. The airline was established back in 1994. However, the operations started only in 1996. The aviation company offers its air services in more than 100 locations around the globe. It allows you to explore destinations in Canada, Europe, the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central America.

westjet airlines name change

Importance of WestJet Airlines Name Correction

According to the DoT rules, the name of the air passengers must be the same as that on their government-issued ID and passport. Even a difference of a single character can result in the cancellation of the ticket, as it is against the law. Therefore, to avoid any discomfort or issues during the journey, it is vital to get the name changed on the flight ticket.

The good news is that most airlines allow air travellers to correct the spelling mistakes in their name on the ticket. The customer-friendly WestJet Airlines Name Correction/Change Policy simplifies the modification. Ultimately, it ensures that travelers enjoy a legitimate and convenient trip to the desired destination. Same applies for
WestJet Unaccompanied Minors Policy where you want to edit or correct child’s name to avoid any problem during commute.

WestJet Airlines Name Correction/ Change Policy Guidelines

WestJet Airlines has successfully gained a prominent position in the global aviation industry. The airline focuses on providing an unmatched travel experience to the people. That is why it has a flexible name-change policy. Take a look at the important guidelines of the WestJet Airlines name correction/ change policy.

  • The name change policy of WestJet Airlines allows passengers to correct their misspelled name on the flight ticket.
  • The error in the name can be corrected at least 2 hours before departure.
  • The service is applicable for different fare types, except the basic fare.
  • The airline allows travellers to make minor changes that can go up to 3 characters.
  • In case the corrections are made within 24 hours of flight booking, no fee is charged.
  • The passengers can make the desired corrections either through the offline or online mode.
  • If you wish to change the name on the flight ticket after a marriage or divorce, it can be done free of cost.
  • Customers can opt for responsive customer service in case they need any assistance during the name change process.
  • A correct name is important if you want to change your current flight. Must follow Westjet Flight Change Policy and ensure that all your documents bear right name.

WestJet Airlines Name Correction/ Change Methods

Do you want to correct your name on the flight ticket booked with WestJet Airlines? In that case, there are two methods you can do so. Let’s take a look at the common ways of making modifications.

Online WestJet Airlines Name Correction

If you want to make a name change from the comfort of your home, you can easily do it online. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  • Visit the official website of WestJet Airlines.
  • Go to the ‘My Bookings’ tab on the homepage. Next, click on the option of ‘Manage Flights’.
  • Enter the required details, such as the last name and reservation code.
  • On clicking the search button, you will find the bookings list.
  • Select the relevant booking where you want to make changes to the name.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions, pay the required fees, and complete the process.
  • You will receive the details of the new ticket with the correct name via SMS or email.

Offline WestJet Airlines Name Correction

If you want to make the changes offline, you have the following options:

WestJet Airlines Name Correction Via Email

If you want to correct the name of the ticket through email, here are the steps to follow.

  • Visit the official website of WestJet Airlines.
  • Go to the ‘Contact Us option.
  • Find the ‘Email Us’ option.
  • Enter your travel information and personal information. Mention that you want to correct your name.
  • Sent the email and wait for the confirmation.

WestJet Airlines Name Correction Fees

Corrections made within 24 hours of booking are free of cost. In another case, you may have to pay a service fee that ranges from USD 80 to USD 170.

Westjet Airlines Name Change Types 

Three examples of Westjet Airlines Name Change Policy 

  • Misspellings: These are minor mistakes and can be corrected by the passengers free of charge, such as changing jack to jake.
  • Legal Name Changes: If the passenger has changed their name due to marriage, adoption, or divorce, then they can apply for the name change policy by giving complete support of legal documentation, such as a court order, marriage certificate, divorce papers, adoption papers, etc. A name change fee is often charged when a legal name is changed because your ticket might need to be issued again under your new name.
  • Information of passengers changed: When changes occur to the personal information of the passengers, such as passport information, contact information, gender, date of birth, birthplace, redress number, etc. These mistakes can also be changed on the Westjet Airlines tickets.

Documents Required to Name Change Policy on Westjet Airlines

Assume a traveller needs to change their name because of one of the abovementioned details. In such a situation, they might be able to do it online without presenting any documents.

However, travellers may occasionally need to provide documents to Westjet Airlines to change their name on the tickets. In the event of a name change policy, keep the following documents on hand:

  • The Marriage Certificate
  • Adoption Papers
  • Court Papers
  • Divorce Decree
  • Supporting Legal Documents for a Name Change Policy

FAQs On WestJet Airlines Name Change Policy

Q1.) Can I change my name online or offline on both Platforms?

Ans 1.) Yes, you can change your name on the ticket by email, calling, through the website, and visiting the airport, along with this you need to provide a supportive legal document to prove the name change.

Q 2.) When I can change the name on Flight Ticket on Westjet Airlines?

Ans 2.) To begin, you must check the name on the flight ticket as soon as possible, and you must have completed the process before checking in for the flight but no later than 1 hour before your flight’s time of departure, whichever one is earlier.

Q 3) Can I change the Name on Westjet Airlines by using the Phone?

Ans 3.) Yes, you can change the passenger’s name by using the phone as soon as possible if you have the complete legal documents that can be uploaded by you for confirmation. While correcting or changing the name on the ticket you must be aware that all the following details or pieces of information available to you

  • Your correct name
  • Your flight details
  • Your confirmation code
  • Legal document
  • Your correct name
Q 4.) Do I need to correct my last name on Westjet Airlines?

Ans 4.) Yes, you just need to correct your last name on the tickets because it does not exactly match your legal documentation ID. Airline tickets require the full name of the passenger to match government-issued identity proof.

Basically, your government-issued identity proof contains the first, middle, and last name; so does your ticket. If there is a mismatch, you may not be able to board your flight.

Want more details? Connect with the customer service team of WestJet Airlines or visit airfarepolicy.com.

Want more details? Connect with the customer service team of WestJet Airlines or visit airfarepolicy.com.