United Airlines Name Correction Policy – United Airlines, one of the most popular brands across the US, allows for minor name corrections only on validated tickets. They also allow you to exchange your unused ticket for a certain fee. Customers can make minor ticket modifications as long as the details match their government ID/passport as per United Airlines Name Correction Policy,

However, you cannot change a passenger’s name entirely and transfer ownership of the ticket to another individual under United Airlines Name Correction Policy. For More detail call our expert at +1 866-952-7309

According to the process of name correction, a misspelled name is subject to change when the following guidelines are met:

  • You must have a valid United Airlines ticket.
  • If you are traveling with a codeshare or connecting flights, the United name correction guideline applies only to the United Airlines segment of the flight.
  • Your ticket number should start with 016.
  • United Airlines tickets can only be reissued once for name correction purposes. Any additional correction to be made after the first reissue carries a fee and a hike in the fare.
  • United Airlines’ name correction policy doesn’t allow you to change the flight ticket date, class, time, or fare basis code.

United Airline Name Correction

  • At the time of travel, only minor name corrections are allowed. However, the ticket name needs to be exactly the same as your government ID or Passport.
  • You can only make changes to the name. Any other changes to personal details are not allowed. However, you can make minor changes to the Date of Birth for errors committed at the time of booking.
  • The United name correction guidelines allow only one correction for each customer, and further changes are not covered under this policy.

For More detail call to our expert at +1 866-952-7309

United Airlines Name Change Guidelines

The following table is a brief overview of the acceptable changes based on correction types:

Type of Correction Changes that can be Made
Change in –

●      Last/First/Middle Name

●      Legal name from Nickname

●      Middle Name addition and Inverted Names

●      Adding the Last name

The guidelines allow alterations if the ticket’s name matches the government ID or passport. Additionally, your Dob and gender must be identical to your ID or passport.


Editing name under the events of Marriage, Adoption, and Divorce In this case, OSI United Airlines’ name change waiver code would apply
United Airlines middle Name addition As per the existing guidelines, you must rebook your ticket under a new slot under your correct name.

Name Change Fee in United Airlines

A correction fee of $75 is charged if you request a name correction within 24 hours of booking. Your reservation will be rebooked and reserved in the same class or a class beneath yours. Fare differences are also accounted for, if any.

Twenty-four hours After and 2 hours before the departure time, the airlines charge a $200 fee per passenger for any name changes and corrections.

How to Change Name in United Airlines Bookings

Before doing the same, you must remember that:

  • The validating carrier must be United Airlines, and
  • All flights need to be operational under United Airlines or must be flights that share codes with partners of United Airlines.

The instructions to follow while making a name change are:

  • You must cancel flight segments with your current booking to leave the ticket status open.
  • You’ll need to confirm a new PNR and reserve your current fare class.
  • Proceed to the voluntary exchange section on your ticket and pay the United Airlines fee. Any fare difference also needs to be paid in full during the reissue.

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