Sunwing Airlines Name Change Policy – Do you anticipate changing the name on the Sunwing Airlines tickets? You have landed in the right place. Even if air travel is a fantastic experience, planning a good itinerary necessitates getting everything in its proper place. It is an unpleasant occurrence when the name on the flight ticket is inaccurate. But don’t you worry. Sunwing Airlines have a flexible name correction policy that allows passengers to alter/modify names without a fuss. Read more to learn everything about Sunwing Airlines name correction policy.

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Sunwing Airlines Name Correction Policy

Sunwing Airlines Name Change Policy Guidelines

An incorrect name on the ticket is a common mistake most passengers make while booking flight tickets. But this common mistake can create inconvenience while traveling if left unattended. So, you should make the necessary corrections as soon as you get to know about the mistake you have made. If you want to alter the name on a Sunwing Airlines ticket, you should know about the guidelines of Sunwing Airlines’ name change policy.

  • According to policy guidelines, Sunwing Airlines travelers can make necessary name changes or adjustments.
  • Customers of Sunwing Airlines are only permitted to change their names on their tickets up to a maximum of 3 characters of the full name.
  • Minor name modifications are free of charge.
  • Sunwing Airlines may charge a fee to initiate the name change request in some situations.
  • Significantly, you will need to provide legal documentation as verification if your name is officially changed following your divorce or marriage.
  • Passengers on Sunwing Airlines have the option of changing a name on a reservation in a legal way.
  • It is best to utilize the same procedure for name changes used for the booking.
  • You can also go to the customer care department for immediate assistance.

For More detail call to our expert at +1 866-952-7309

Sunwing Airlines Name Change Options

Do you want to know your options to rectify your silly mistake? Well, this Canadian airline offers three ways to make the modifications. You can choose any of them to update your name on the ticket. The following are the options under Sunwing Airlines name change policy:

Name Change Via Online

Making the name changes on the ticket using digital technology is a convenient choice. Steps include the following:

  • Browse the official website of Sunwing Airlines –
  • You will find a tab called ‘Manage Booking’, click to open the webpage.
  • Enter your ticket booking details in the field and hit search flights.
  • Select the ticket you want to modify.
  • Edit the name as per your legal name printed on your documents.
  • Please double-check the freshly entered name information to rule out any mistakes.
  • Be sure to pay the charges, if any, before completing the online process.
  • Sunwing Airlines will send you a confirmation email to inform you about the changes.

Name Change Via Customer Services

Call the Sunwing Airlines helpline number if you face problems making a change online. The customer care executive will help you make the desired changes. Just keep the ticket details handy. They will ask you for your ticket booking number and other booking details. You can pay the fee via debit/credit card, if applicable.

Name Change Via Airport Helpdesk

You can request a name change request at the airport help desk two hours prior to boarding. If you notice spelling errors in your name on the ticket and can go through the last-minute hassle, reach the airport at least 2 hours before to make the modifications.

Name Correction Fee For Sunwing Airlines

Travelers who change their name with Sunwing Airlines must know the most recent pricing information. Sunwing Airlines doesn’t charge customers to make small name changes. However, in instances like below, a nominal fee may apply.

  • A $25 fee is levied if you request a name change within 21 or more before the boarding date of the flight.
  • For name changes between 20 and 8 days prior to the departure date, a fee of $50 will be charged.
  • If you request a name change less than seven days before your flight, your ticket will be canceled, and you need to rebook the flight under the proper name.

Is It Possible To Change Or Transfer The Name On A Sunwing Airline Ticket?

There are certain times when name changes are officially allowed.

  • Spelling changes to correct an error
  • Name Changes due to marriage or divorce

Spelling Errors

If you typed your name incorrectly during the purchase process, most airlines will let you correct it online or through their customer service desk. Each airline’s procedure differs, so either read the FAQs on their website or contact customer service to find out how to proceed. But don’t leave it until the last minute, because if there is a mismatch between the spelling of your legal identification and your flight reservation, you may be denied boarding.

Name Changes Due to Marriage or Divorce

If you’re married, divorced, or changed your legal name for any other reason, contact your Sunwing airline’s customer service desk as soon as possible to update any bookings and your frequent flyer account. Keep in mind that all of your travel documentation must match exactly—this includes your passport, driver’s license, and any other identification you’re using.

Tips To Avoid Name Change Or Transfer Issues And Minimize The Expenses

  • Avoid purchasing a ticket for someone else, particularly your girlfriend or boyfriend. That way, if he or she is unable or unwilling to attend, you will only have your ticket to worry about, not theirs.
  • If at all possible, avoid changing your legal name between purchasing an airline ticket and flying.
  • According to airline policies, the passenger’s identity proof must match the name on the tickets. As a result, make certain that you enter the correct name as it appears on your government-issued ID.
  • It’s critical to slow down (at least for a second) and type slowly. If necessary, use only one finger. When you type in a relaxed manner, you are more likely to spell your name correctly.

FAQs on Name Change Policy of Sunwing Airline

Q 1.) Is it necessary for the name we enter on the flight to match the name on our government ID?

Ans 1.) When booking an airline ticket for yourself or someone else, make sure the name on the ticket, particularly the first and last names, exactly matches the name on your passport or government-issued ID.

Q 2.) What happens if I use my maiden name on the airline ticket?

Ans 2.) If you purchased a flight ticket under your maiden name and then changed your name after marriage, you must contact the airline and provide them with the necessary documentation (such as a marriage certificate) as valid proof of the name change.

Q 3.) How do I change my name on the ticket as a result of my marriage?

Ans 3.) It’s not a big deal because you can easily change your name after marriage. To do so, contact Sunwing Airlines and provide them with authentic documentation, such as marriage proof.


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