Alaska Airlines Name Correction – While booking tickets in a hurry, we sometimes mention our names incorrectly. Anyone can make such a common mistake, but correcting it with airlines can be a headache. Luckily, many airlines offer name correction or name change policies. If you have booked your tickets with Alaska Airlines and misspelled your name, read further to learn how you can rectify your mistake.

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Alaska Airlines Name Correction Policy

Alaska Airlines name correction policy allows passengers to change their names under any circumstances. However, there are certain company norms and regulations that you need to adhere to. Let’s learn several fundamentals of name correction or change the policy of Alaska Airlines:

  • If you contact Alaska Airlines for a name change within 24 hours of booking your ticket, they will get the name correction procedure done for free. Otherwise, they will charge a penalty that you can negotiate to make it the lowest possible.
  • In case you have legally changed your name after ticket booking, and before boarding the flight, you don’t have to go for a name correction procedure. It doesn’t count as an error. However, you must carry sufficient legal documents supporting your changed name, such as a marriage certificate, court order, divorce agreement, or any other legal document).
  • Alaska Airlines allows name changes for only typographical errors and will allow changes to a single letter.
  • If you want to change your full name, a legal document will be required. It needs to be recognized and signed by an authorized authority too.
  • Your travel agent can make name corrections on your behalf if you have booked through a travel agent.

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Alaska Airlines Name Correction/Change Methods

You can make the required changes to your ticket using any of the following methods at your convenience:

Name Correction via

Follow the following to change your name on your Alaska Airlines ticket:

  • Visit
  • Click “manage booking” and go to the change or cancel reservation option.
  • Enter the details, and you will see your booking details on the screen
  • Find the name that needs correction and edit it.
  • Once done with the alterations, hit the change button.
  • Your name change procedure is completed.

Alaska Airlines Name Correction

Name Correction via Mobile App

Download the App on your mobile phone to get started and do as follows:

  • Login to your Alaska Airlines account.
  • Click booking management
  • Make the changes in the name.
  • If you are making the changes after 24 hours of booking, the App will ask for a change flight fee. Make the payment to confirm the changes.

Name Correction via Customer Care

If you don’t have the energy or time to do the name correction procedure yourself. You can contact customer care services at +1-+91-xxxxxxx, and they will make the corrections on your behalf.

Name correction Fee for Alaska Airlines.

Alaska Airlines charges a nominal fee of USD 125 upon name change/correction beyond 24 hours of booking. If you follow the name change procedure within 24 hours of ticket booking, no fees will be charged.

For Legal Reasons, Alaska Airlines, You Change The Name Listed On The Reservation

In the event of a marriage or divorce, passengers flying with Alaska Airlines can change the name listed on their reservation. In these cases, you can provide the necessary documentation to the airline. Due to similar circumstances, a passenger’s surname is the only component of their name that can be changed. If you are going through a divorce, the airline may allow you to formally change some of the information at first. As a result, it is necessary to follow court orders.

To officially change your name, the operator may require the following types of documentation.

For Divorce: Documentation is required for changing a specific piece of legal information in situations such as divorce.

For Marriage: Existing identifying documents, such as a marriage certificate issued with court directives, and previous identification proofs, are available in situations such as marriage.

The passenger’s name change procedure was completed by Alaska Airlines Group. The airline is not permitted by policy to change the passenger’s name. Tourists can only partially change their names partially if they follow the policy’s requirements. Passengers must first determine whether they need to cancel their flight reservation in order to change the personal information on their ticket. You can also purchase a new ticket with the correct name.

Restrictions On Changing Your Name On An Alaska Airlines Ticket

Before you can change or correct your name online, you must meet several conditions outlined in Alaska Airlines’ name change/correction policy. Passengers who meet these requirements are the only ones who can access the airline’s website for this purpose. The following is an example of one of the airline’s rules.

  • Instead of using a third-party agency or travel agency, you should have purchased your ticket directly from Alaska Airlines.
  • Confirm that a group ticket is required for the reservation. Furthermore, reservations should only be made for a maximum of seven people.
  • Your ticket should include no more than eight flight segment arrangements.
  • Reservations cannot include specialized accommodations, such as those for pets or people with special needs.
  • Discounted fares such as government rates and special savings fares should be booked elsewhere.

FAQs on Alaska Airlines Name Change Policy

Q 1.) Can Alaska Airlines tickets be transferred to another person?

Ans 1.) That is not possible with Alaska Airlines because the officials are strict and do not compromise security. So, if the original passenger is unable to travel and wishes to transfer the ticket to another person, this is not possible. The original passenger may cancel the ticket, and another passenger may purchase a replacement.

Q 2.) When can you make name changes on the Alaska Airlines ticket?

Ans 2.) Once a reservation is confirmed, not all travelers can change their names. But the corrections are permitted by the airline only if:

  1. The Changes can only have three characters.
  2. The name change is obvious, but it does not affect the full name.
  3. You used your nickname instead of your full name by mistake.
  4. You want to reverse the first and last names in your name.
  5. Marriage and divorce have caused you to change.

Q 3.)  How much of a fee is required for a name change on Alaska Airlines?

Ans 3.) If you make name changes after the first 24 hours of booking, Alaska Airlines may charge you a change fee. Depending on the fare type, change fees can range from $25 to $125. A traveler can even change their name by paying a transfer fee of $125 plus any fare difference.

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