Frontier Airlines Name Change Policy – Frontier Airlines has the largest A320neo fleet in the Americas and is based in Denver, Colorado. We fly to around 120 locations in the United States, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America. Frontier Airlines Name Change

With an average fuel savings of 43% over other U.S. airlines in 2019 (based on Frontier Airlines’ fuel consumption per seat-mile compared to the weighted average of major U.S. airlines), Frontier is the most fuel-efficient airline in the country.

In addition to providing the most affordable airfares, Frontier is dedicated to supporting families by letting kids 14 and under fly free on select flights with the airline’s DISCOUNT DEN® travel club. With more than 140 additional Airbus aircraft on order, Frontier will keep expanding to fulfil its promise to offer inexpensive travel throughout America

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What Is The Name Correction Policy, And Why Is It In Place?

To err is human nature, and Frontier Airlines does recognize that. They’ve put together a name correction policy to stand by it. The name correction policy has the best interest of its passengers at heart. There must’ve been times when you’ve misspelt your name in a hurry or excitement to complete your bookings for that much-awaited holiday. With the advent of this policy, there’s no need to panic as you can quickly rectify your errors without cancelling your entire booking. Yes, you read that right. You can make required alterations with a minimal fee without burning a hole in your pocket.

Frontier Name Change Process – Important Things To Remember 

  • The name on the ticket must match the name on the government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, in accordance with the name change policy. If the name on the Frontier Airlines ticket does not match the name of the passenger, boarding may be denied.
  • For minor spelling fixes or the case of a legal name change, Frontier Airlines will grant requests to change a passenger’s name.
  • In some circumstances, passengers on Frontier Airlines must cancel their original flight reservations and book new ones to change their names.
  • The ticket cannot be transferred to another person, per Frontier Airlines’ name change policy.
  • The first, middle, or last name may be edited up to three characters. It is important to note that the three characters do not necessarily equal the three required for the first, middle, and last names.
  • The removal or inclusion of nicknames or names spelt backwards is part of the Frontier Airlines misspelt name correction process.
  • Requests for name changes made to Frontier Airlines under legal circumstances, including divorce decrees, name changes following marriage, and all other legal name change requests.
  • Requests for name changes on Frontier Airlines reservations made using frequent flyer miles are not accepted and are governed by the club contract.
  • After issuing a ticket, Frontier Airlines prohibits changing the passenger type code (PTC), the passenger’s date of birth (DOB), or the infant’s name.
  • The Frontier name-change policy would apply to both restricted and non-restricted rates, as well as to the quality of service, the kind of passengers, and the cabin class is chosen.

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How Exactly Would You Make The Correction?

Are you interested in learning if you may modify the name on a Frontier Airlines ticket that you have already purchased? The well-known airline Frontier Airlines gives its customers a pleasant flying experience by providing top-notch services both on the aircraft and at the airport. In recognition that humans are fallible, Frontier Airlines permits passengers to change their names on a ticket. Read the steps below to learn how to apply for a name change with Frontier Airlines and its policy.

  • The passenger must go to the airline’s website to access their Frontier account.
  • The user must now navigate to the option to manage their booking.
  • Then, the traveller must enter the reservation information

Frontier Airlines Name Change

  • Obtain the reservation.
  • Additionally, the traveller must select the name correction option for the booking.
  • After that, the traveller must supply the correct name for the reservation and select the update option.
  • Additionally, as soon as the name on the flight reservation is changed, the rectified ticket will be mailed to the passenger.

In case the online process looks like it’s too much work, you can call the airline or visit the airport for the same. The customer support executives will guide you through the process.

How Much Does It Cost To Change A Name On A Booking?

Before your trip, if you need to change the name on your ticket but want to stick to your original schedule, you can do so by paying the following fees:

  • Any price difference between the previously paid fare and the price being offered for the exact schedule
  • Additionally, the passenger will have to incur a $75 name change fee.
  • There may also be additional charges if you need to make itinerary modifications (such as date or city changes).

Ways To Change The Name On The Frontier Airlines Tickets

Frontier allows its passengers to make changes to their reservations in four different ways. The first one is online, the second is through a mobile application, the third is on the phone, and the last is via text message, and each method is straightforward and stress-free.

Online Name Change Policy

If the passenger wants to change online, head to the official website of Frontier Airlines. There they can navigate to the manage booking page, insert the confirmation number, and other essential details. Furthermore, in most circumstances, your new name can only have slight changes of three letters or less.

Name Change Policy on Phone

The passenger would rather speak to an airline agent from Frontier Airlines’ support team who can help you out with solving the issue of the name change, They just need to make a phone call to Frontier Airlines’ customer service number, which is +1 866-952-7309. When you contact them, the customer service representative will probably ask you for certain flight information to verify your identities, such as your confirmation number, name, trip dates, and destination.

Name Change Policy through Mobile Application

If you already downloaded the Frontier Airlines mobile app, the next steps, if allowed, allow for very simple name changes. Open the app, sign in, choose the reservation you want to change, and then select “Modify flights.” If the modifications you need to make are allowed by Frontier Airlines, you should be able to do so here. This is the most convenient platform for the name change on airline tickets

Name Change Policy over Text Message

The airlines have world-class texting assistance that tries to provide the best possible answer to every question. Customer service is made simple and convenient by the texting assistant, without the need to wait on hold for hours.

FAQ’s on Frontier Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy

Q 1) How Much Will The Change Error On Frontier Airlines Cost?

Ans 1.) The cost of changing a name on a flight ticket might differ significantly between airlines and depend on the situation that calls for the change. But, Frontier Airlines does let the traveler change their name for a $75 fee.

Q 2) Can I Correct Simple Typographical Mistakes On My Ticket?

Ans 2.) Typically, the simplest errors to correct are typos. But, if you notice a typo, you should get in touch with the airline right away. You must not make the mistake of assuming that an airline will merely ignore a typo on a boarding pass.

Q 3) Can I Transfer My Frontier Airlines Ticket To A Friend?

Ans 3.) Most of the time, you might not be able to transfer your ticket to another person. You will need to cancel the original ticket and rebook it under the name of the intended passenger if the airline you are using won’t let you totally change the name.

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