Eva Airlines Name Change Policy – Did you misspell your name while booking your air ticket? Don’t worry. It is a common mistake that almost every passenger might have made at least once. If you made such a mistake while reserving an Eva Airlines ticket, you are in no trouble. Thankfully, Eva Airlines’ name change policy is quite flexible and hassle-free.

Eva Airlines is the second largest Taiwanese airline having its headquarters in Luzhu, Taoyuan City, Taiwan. They know how troublesome it is to cancel and rebook the ticket in case of incorrect itinerary detail or personal information. That is why Eva Airlines Name Change Policy is easy and convenient for passengers. Let’s explore their policy in detail below:

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Eva Airlines Name Change Policy

Eva Airlines Name Correction Guidelines

Fortunately, Eva Airlines understands the seriousness of the problem and suggests appropriate measures to handle this sort of occurrence. The Taiwanese airline has a simple structure for customers who wish to change their name. These are some features of Eva Airlines’ name correction policy:

  • Eva Airlines allows passengers to alter names on the ticket as per their policy.
  • Only one can change its whole name or a few letters in the name.
  • When alterations are made within the first four hours of booking, there is no charge levied. If you are late, the name correction fee might apply.
  • Passengers can make these changes offline or online, as per their preference.

If you are worried about an incorrect name on your Eva Airline ticket, learn how to modify it and make the correction at the earliest

Eva Airlines Name Change Methods

The different rules and procedures that Eva Airlines recommends to correct names come next. The Taiwanese airline offers several solutions if passengers discover the wrong names on the ticket. Eva Airlines allows you to make the alteration through offline and online means. Let’s move on to the specifics.

Online Eva Name Correction Policy

If you wish to make the changes online, visit Eva Airlines’ official website evaair.com and follow the following steps further.

  • Log in with your ticket PNR number.
  • Start looking for Manage My Trip Section. Click on it to open the page.
  • Select the ticket you want to make alterations to and click edit.
  • Make the changes in your name as per your passport or other government-authorized photo ID.
  • Pay the name correction fee if it applies to you.
  • Save the modifications, and your job is done.

Offline Eva Name Correction Policy

If you are not clear about the procedure, you can take the help of airline helpline services to make the changes for you. For the same purpose, you can go to the airport help desk. To start things off correctly, give the airline staff your credentials. Additionally, customers can contact Eva Airlines customer service to speak with airline representatives directly about their issues.

Eva Airlines Name Change Fees

Eva Airlines follows a calculated strategy to name correction fees in various circumstances. For instance, there is no charge if a person changes their name during the first four hours of making a reservation. The airline charges a fee for the same service if more than 4 hours have passed from the booking.

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Types of Name Eva Airlines Change Correction and Its Process

There are three types of name changes that occur, and the procedures for each are differentiated.

Minor name change correction

A “name correction” or “minor name correction” is a change made to correct a spelling error or typo and ensure that the name matches a government-issued ID rather than a name change. Minor name change corrections are provided below:

  • First names (Becky to Becki)
  • Last names (3 letters)
  • Adding/removing the middle name
  • Changing the initial to the full name
  • Nickname to legal name
  • Adding an additional last name
  • Inverted first and last name
  • Suffix and prefix changes

If you realize that you need to change the name, get in touch with your airline’s customer service department as soon as you can and let them know what changes you need to make. The number of characters that can be changed for a minor name change may occasionally be limited to three letters. But, if you have a government-issued ID with your name correctly inputted, all of this procedure should be completed.

Legal Name Change In Eva Airlines Ticket

If your legal name has changed as a result of an event such as marriage, adoption, or divorce, you must change your name. As long as there is enough time before takeoff, every airline should be willing to work with you. Some airlines may allow you to make a free legal name change or minor name change correction if you provide the necessary documentation. Documentation that may be required includes:

  • Marriage License
  • Court Order
  • Divorce Decree
  • Or Legal Name Change Document

Airlines will have a dedicated webpage where you can enter this information and attach copies of your documents, whereas others may simply ask you to email them to a specific email address. This process will take some time, as you might expect, so submit your application as soon as possible. Bring identity proof (that should be issued by the government) of the change if your name has recently changed and the names on your ticket and I.D. differ (e.g., a marriage certificate or court order).

Is it Necessary to Have the Correct Name on the Air Ticket?

Yes, having the correct information on your plane ticket is mandatory. No matter with which airlines you are traveling. Your name on the ticket must be similar to the name on the passport or any other photo ID, as per the US Department of Transportation (DoT). Sometimes while booking a ticket, people misspell the name. As customers rush through these trivial blunders, it happens frequently. They may enter the full name or only one or two characters wrongly.

If you don’t correct the name on the ticket, you won’t be able to fly. It is considered illegal to travel by another name on the ticket. Therefore, airlines will not allow you to board the flight without correcting your name.

Although a typo involving one or two characters may appear trivial, it might put you in a difficult situation. Passengers can only check in or receive a boarding permit if their name is correct. They could also wait hours at the airport before everything is resolved. Additionally, it can cause a flight to be canceled.

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FAQs on Eve Airline Name Change/Correction Policy

Q 1.) What are the supporting documents for the name change?

Ans 1.) The passenger’s name must match the name on the government-issued identity proofs when booking the flight ticket. However, if the passenger has a name change error, he or she can change his or her name by providing the following documentation:

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Divorce Decree
  • Passport
  • Other legal documents

Q 2.)  How much does it cost to change the name on an Eva Airlines ticket?

Ans 2.) The cost, of changing your name on an Eva Airlines ticket varies depending on the airline. Many airlines will correct minor typos for free but may charge a fee to transfer flight information to another passenger. Passengers may also be charged a cancellation fee if the flight must be rebooked under a new or someone else’s name.

Q 3.) What happens if I mistakenly use my maiden name when purchasing a plane ticket?

Ans 3.) If you purchased a flight ticket under your maiden name and then changed your name after marriage, you must contact the airline and provide them with the necessary documentation (such as a marriage certificate) as proof of the name change. Some airlines will make the change for free, but this is usually decided on an individual basis.