Avianca Airlines Name Change Policy – Avianca Airlines is Colombia’s largest airline. It has been a flag carrier of Colombia for years. The airline offers a great opportunity for passengers to update their names from their flight tickets with the help of name correction policy.  Just like all other airlines, Avianca Airlines also insists that the name on your ticket should exactly match the name on your government-authorized I’D cards. In case you want to update your name from your airline ticket we, Airfare Policy have gathered some important information related to Avianca Airlines Name Change Policy, fees and methods. For assistance, you can call on our toll-free number at +1 866-952-7309  for more information and hassle-free guidance.

Avianca Airlines Name Change Policy

Name Corrections Permitted By Avianca Airlines

Avianca allows you the following name changes:

  • Misspelled names: on an airline ticket, a passenger’s name may often be altered with minimal fuss if there is a spelling error. While some airlines could charge a fee for spelling corrections, others might do so without charge.
  • Name order: if the passenger’s first name or last name is spelled incorrectly, the airline can solve it.
  • Name changes due to divorce or marriage: name changes due to divorce or marriage can be corrected free of cost by the airline only if they provide needed documentation like a marriage certificate and divorce decree.
  • Name change due to gender transition: For travelers who have undergone a gender transition and desire to alter their name to suit their gender identity, several airlines may provide free name changes. Airlines may have different particular guidelines and standards for this.


Avianca Airlines Name Correction Fees:

Minor mistakes and misspellings may not be changed, but they must be supported by legal documents. The following fees can apply if your ticket needs to be reissued because it has significant errors:

  1. USD 50 is required to modify a flex ticket.
  2. USD 25 is required to modify a comfort ticket.

Changes to Latitude, Premium Economy, and Business tickets are free as long as they are completely flexible.

Required Documents To Change Name on Ticket

Depending on the cause of the change and the airline’s rules, several types of proof may be needed for the name change. Here are a few frequent types of documentation that could be needed:

  • A copy of the marriage certificate is frequently needed if the name change is the result of the marriage.
  • Divorce judgment: id the name change is the result of divorce, a copy of the judgment may be needed.
  • Court order: a copy of the court order may be needed if the name charge is the result of a legal circumstance, such as a name-change order issued by the court.
  • Passport or government-issued ID: the passenger’s passport or id may be needed to confirm their identity and make sure that the name change is accurate.
  • License: if the passenger’s name has changed as a result of an update to their license, a copy of the new license may be needed.
  • Social security card- if the passenger’s social security card has been changed as a result of the name change, a copy of the new card may be needed.

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Conditions Under Which Name Changes Are Generally Possible

Name changes are generally possible under the following conditions:

  1. Misspelt names: if a passenger’s name appears on an airline ticket with a spelling error, it may typically be changed without any substantial complications. One of the most frequent justifications for name changes, yet most airlines don’t charge for it.
  2. Name order: if the passenger’s given name and last name appear on the ticket in the wrong order, the airline will change it.
  3. Prefixes and titles: the airline can change a passenger’s prefix or title, such as “Mr.” or “Dr.” if it appears incorrectly or is absent from their name on the ticket.
  4. Legal name changes: most airlines will permit a name change if a passenger has done it lawfully.
  • Marriage or divorce: name change due to marriage or divorce can be done free of cost only if the passenger provides the marriage certificate and divorce decree.

Online Methods For Updating Names On Avianca Air Ticket

Here are a few techniques that might help you to change your name on your airline ticket through the internet:

  • Online self-service: Avianca Airlines provide a self-service facility for its customers to manage their reservation, including changing their name or fixing typos. The traveler might need to check in using their reservation code or frequent flier number for this.

It provides online chat support through its website or mobile app, allowing customers to communicate with a customer service agent to request a name change or correction.

  • Email support: passengers can submit a name change or correction request using the airline’s email addresses or online forms.
  • Mobile application: Avianca Airlines have a mobile app that allows customers to manage their bookings, including changing their name or fixing typos.

Offline Methods To Change Your Name In Your Ticket

Here are some offline ways through which you can update your name from your airline ticket:

  1. Call customer service to seek a name change or correction. Details like reservation code, ticket number, and other identifying details could be requested by the customer care agent.

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  1. Visit ticket office: Avianca airlines offer service centers or ticket offices where customers can alter their reservation in person. Passengers who prefer face-to-face encounters or who must find this to be a decent alternative.
  2. If a traveler used a travel agency to book their journey, they can get in touch with that person to ask for a name change or correction. The travel agency might manage the request on the passenger’s behalf or send them to the customer support department.

Still Confused?

Call the toll-free hotline at +1 866-952-7309  for further information.

To reach Avianca customer support, proceed as follows:

Choose “Contact Us” from the menu of choices at the bottom of the page when you access the Avianca Airlines website.

Select your location from the drop-down menu, then click “Go.”

On the next page, you may find information for getting in touch with local Avianca customer service. Find the reservation or customer service phone number.

Call the number provided and adhere to the audio prompts to talk with a representative.

Let them know that the name on your ticket has to be changed, and provide any relevant documentation in support.

The representative will guide you through the process and assist you as needed.