Flying to a different city or country for vacation or business is fantastic unless an unwanted event happens. Mentioning your name wrongfully while booking can be a buzzkill when you arrive at the airport. You might be aware of the last-minute hassle if this has happened to you. However, if you know how to fix the issue before the departure date, you can save yourself from all the fuss. Got a Turkish ticket with the wrong name on it? Read more about Turkish Airlines’ name correction policy and get appropriate solutions.

Turkish Airlines Name Change Policy Guidelines

Turkish Airlines Name Correction Policy – When purchasing a ticket, it has been observed that air travelers commit errors. They frequently enter inaccurate information on the reservation form, including the passenger’s name and the destination’s date and place. Individuals often enter incorrect name information while making a reservation. As part of Turkish Airlines’ name correction policy, customers may amend or rectify a misspelled name when making a reservation by adhering to the instructions below:

  • Passengers can only rectify up to four characters of either first name, middle name, or surname.
  • You can change the name on the ticket only if you have misspelled the name or mentioned your nickname while booking. You cannot change it to any other person’s name.
  • Turkish Airlines’ name change policy permits altering the full name in case of a legal name change or change of name due to marriage or divorce.
  • If any travel or legal document is behind the sudden change of name, you can modify your ticket name at least 2 hours prior to your departure.
  • Passengers are required to attach a government-authorized photo ID with the name change request.
  • It is not allowed to transfer Turkish Airline ticket ownership to any person.
  • If you have booked your tickets with mileage points from Miles and Smiles, you are not eligible to make changes to the ticket name.
  • When necessary to prevent a no-show, travelers may receive a fresh PNR and request a refund for their reservation in some extraordinary cases.
  • You must keep the flight segment and rebook similar or lower-class tickets to avoid further charges. You need to pay an additional fare difference if applicable.

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Turkish Airlines Name Correction Policy

Ways to Change Name on Turkish Airlines Ticket

There are two ways to initiate the name correction request for Turkish Airlines tickets. You can change it using their website or contact the helpline service to do the job. Here is a step-by-step process to make amends:

Option1: Name Change Via Website

For the online process, one is required to proceed onto the website of the airline, which then requires following reliable steps. There are some essential steps that are required to be followed by the person.

  • The initial and foremost step in the process is visiting the website portal that is com you may also contact them on their helpline number which is +1-888-906-0670.
  • Moving further, you need to follow up with the Manage Tab on the Home page.
  • You will reach the point where the requirement is if the mention of your booking number will be needed.
  • Correctly mentioned your number as given on your booking ticket. Note that the number has to be six digits only followed by the last name too.
  • You may now be asked to choose the preference booking as mentioned. Kindly choose appropriately.


After all the mandatory steps, there will be a set of instructions that will be provided to each one on-screen. It is mandatory tro follow the given instruction so you can get the desirable results


Note- It is important to follow each step of this method and also provide the name change fee only if it is applicable for the period.


Once you are done with each and eerie mentioned criterion, you will receive an email that will state your confirmation as present and may require you to approve the act performed. Provide the asked required and you will achieve positive results for the purpose of Turkish Airlines’ name correction policy


Website > Manage Tab> Manage My Bookings > Open > Two Fields will appear > Reference Number > Passenger’s Last Name> Tap’ Change’ >  Select the PNR number > Edit the incorrect name > Make Changes > Save

Option2: Name Change Via Helpline Number

  • Call the Turkish Airlines customer care number.
  • The customer care executive will ask for your reference number and last name
  • Provide them with the details they ask for.
  • Pay the charges if any
  • You will receive the mail when the request is approved.

Option3: Name Change Via Tools (Method for travel agents only)

This method is only for travel agents because travel agency credentials will be required to log in and make changes.

  • Visit Turkish Airlines’ official website.
  • Login with your credential and make the necessary edits in the ticket after downloading the ticket.
  • Save the edited file and upload it on the website using ‘Choose file.’
  • Save the details and refresh the page.
  • Search the PNR again and check if the changes are showing correctly.

Correction of the Initial from the Airport Counter

You are provided with the facility to correct the name by visiting the airport counter too. This will help you with clarity and as the helping unit of also there, you may receive the appropriate points of helps from the staff to resolve the issues.

Name Correction Fee For Turkish Airlines

For any name change request, passengers need to pay a name correction fee of $300. Turkish Airlines charges the same price for all service levels, travel scenarios, pricing tiers, and customer groups. Any applicable fare difference would be the responsibility of the passengers.

Still not clear about the Turkish Airlines name correction policy? Visit or contact the Turkish Airlines helpline number for further assistance.

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FAQs for Turkish Airlines’ name correction policy

Q 1.) Is it possible to get the name change while the boarding is in two hours?

Ans 1.) There is no such providing for the customers by which they can get their initial while there are just two hours lefts, but in case you can truly visit the airport helpline desk to help you with the concern.

Q 2.) Do I need to pay a standard fee to change the name, or is the amount different?

Ans 2.) For purposeful solutions, you are required to follow the policy guidelines of Turkish Airlines and seek solutions, Usually, the charades are standard but they may vary in some cases, hence kindly associate with the customer executives oif the respected airline.

Q 3.)  Is the facility the name change provided to every citizen from different parts of the world?

Ans 3.) Yes, the policy of Turkish Airlines state that, anyone who has booked a ticket from them can truly replace their name for eventful purposes but the charges will be applicable. The note fee for the policy is nearly $300.