Air Canada Name Correction Policy – Flying to Canada is always great as it is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. More so if you are flying to or from Canada with  Air  Canada as it is one of the most preferred airlines in the world. However sometimes flight plans have to be altered for many reasons and one of the reasons for this change is misspelled name or wrongly written name on the flight ticket, particularly Air Canada Name Correction Policy is very flexible and adjusting when it comes to name change in the flight ticket.  However, as far as   Air Canada is concerned in certain situations   Name correction in the flight ticket will attract a nominal fee.

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Air Canada Name Correction Policy

Air Canada Flight Name Change Is Easier Than You Thought

There are various situation  which Air Canada change name correction policy addresses there are many questions you might have such  Can you change a name on the flight ticket within  24 hours of booking? However in case  you are using multiple flights, as far  Air  Canada is concerned the name correction can only be requested on the Air Canada flight segment.  You will be interested  to know  Air Canada correct name on ticket can be requested on the code-share and interline agreement flight partners.

The Air Canada change name correction policy states for a flight name change the flight must be operated by Air Canada and the ticket inventory must be 014.  Air Canada is a very transparent and flexible airline when it comes to bookings, cancellations, or name changes however  Air Canada name correction policy is clear that if you have requested a flight name change then you cannot alter the flight date, time, and destination. Also, please note no changes would be allowed as far as altering the date of birth and gender of the passenger is concerned. There are exceptions to this rule the Air Canada name correction policy mentions that corrections would be allowed for the date of birth or gender due to the errors committed at the time of booking.

Please also note that only Minor corrections up to three characters would be allowed  on  a  Air Canada flight ticket  for a fee. Air Canada Name Correction policy  clearly defines   flight name change  ,  you  can  do name change on a Air Canada  flight ticket  within 24 hours of purchasing  the ticket for  fee of  110 USD . The Air Canada Name Correction policy touches upon various  aspects  related flight  ticket purchase  , cancellation ,  flight ticket  name change or  some other  changes  which the passenger wants . You can make  a flight name change easily on a Air Canada flight ticket  online , offline, phone  or  at the  Air Canada counter at  any Airport  from where you  are boarding an Air Canada Flight .

Air Canada  is not only  known  to ensure  the comfort and convenience of the  passengers  it very considerate  when it comes  flight ticket booking ,  cancelation name  or any her corrections which the passengers want on their tickets .

So fly with Air Canada and have a pampered flight every time

Guidelines to Air Canada Name Change Policy

To use this change or correction policy, adhere to the airline’s guidelines. When these guidelines are followed, a complete name change is possible. The policy also aids in the protection of your personal information. According to one of these guidelines, you can only make minor changes to the information on your ticket. Other points to consider regarding detail changes are as follows:

  • According to transportation department regulations, the passenger’s ID and ticket name must match.
  • You can also correct any typos in the ticket name here.
  • You may be required to submit the necessary paperwork to the airline in order to correct or alter the ticket.
  • You may present legal documents to confirm Air Canada’s name change policy for marriage, divorce, or any other legal proceedings.
  • The carrier considers a name change or edits to be a reissue of a similar price class.
  • It does, however, include price differences as well as the cost of changing or correcting something.
  • The airline will not permit a full name change.
  • Additionally, flight tickets cannot be transferred to another person.
  • In such cases, check Air Canada’s cancellation policy to cancel and rebook your ticket.
  • If you have connected flights with multiple airlines, you may need to make a separate request to each of them for the information to be changed.
  • As a result, you may have two hours before your flight to make changes.
  • These rules can also be applied to services like Air Canada seat selection.
  • It can ensure that the information on the ticket is correct.

Required Documents for the Air Canada Name Change on the Flight Ticket

Passengers must produce the documents and email them to the official email address. You may be required to submit the following documents for name change approval:

  • Request for name change application form
  • The old ticket whose name must be corrected with the ticket number
  • A new name with document proof
  • Marriage or divorce papers, as well as adoption papers, are examples of legal documents.
  • And the supporting documentation to back up the request

Difference Between A Name Change And A Name Correction

Name Correction: Name correction is an important aspect of passenger identification. This procedure can be carried out by changing just three characters in the name or the entire name. The person performing this procedure must produce documents such as a passport ID with the passenger’s correct spelling and name.

Name Change: This means that as long as the passenger’s name is legal, it can be changed to one of the same or similar spellings. For this name change to take effect, they must provide valid documentation.

FAQs Related to Air Canada Name Change Policy

Q 1.) Can I change the name on my Air Canada reservations?

Ans 1) According to Air Canada’s name change policy, the name on the ticket must match the name on the government-issued photo ID exactly. Only three characters can be changed in order to correct the name. Passengers must also submit a soft copy of their government-issued photo ID to the airlines for validation.

Q 2.) Does Air Canada charge for a name change?

Ans 2) According to Air Canada’s name change policy, the airline charges a name correction fee of $200 USD per person in addition to the fare difference, if applicable. If the reservation is booked within 24 hours of purchase, the Air Canada name correction fee is waived, but the fare difference is still levied, if applicable.

Q 3.) What are the essential documents to change a name on an Air Canada flight ticket?

Ans 3.) Air Canada does not permit name changes that result in a passenger change. However, if your name has changed due to marriage, divorce, legal adoption, a legal name change, or other circumstances, you must contact Air Canada and provide the following documentation before traveling:

  • Valid Court Documentation
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Divorce Decree
  • Legal Adoption Papers