Air Fare Policy ensures that any air flight-related dispute results in a good solution or compensation for your customers

Air Fare Policy invites you to partner with a vision of professional excellence for the travel industry. Air Fare Policy is the most comprehensive solution provider for air travel-related problems of its partner’s customers.  Air Fare Policy finds solutions for a variety of problems including a flight name change, flight cancellation compensation, baggage loss, missed flights, and other issues.  We invite other travel agencies to become our partners in finding collective solutions for their customer’s air travel–related compensation issues.

Customers are confused about a lot of things

We have noticed that most customers even the ones who fly frequently do not have proper knowledge and information about the eligibility criteria for compensation and further, they do not know how to file a claim properly, Air Fare Policy addresses these issues.

Customers also face problems in understanding correction policies, baggage policies, pet policies, frequent flyer policies, and unaccompanied minor policies.

We at Air Fare Policy identify the problems of our partner’s customers by interacting with the concerned Airlines. We have excellent working relations with all the major Airlines. We are like an integrated platform that finds pragmatic solutions for our partner’s customers and completely ensures their rights.

Don’t let your relationship end with your customer with just a purchase of an air ticket  help them all the  way through    

How does the partnership with our associate travel agencies work?

Step 1

We go through the flight data for potential claims
Our integrated algorithm finds flight details based on which we can get compensation for your customers for up to 3 year period

Step 2

Your customers can submit claim details in a prescribed format After that Air Fare Policy takes care of the paperwork and other procedures

Step 3

Once everything is submitted methodically if the claim is successful with the airline in question then your customer pays you And only after that do we charge our fees

With Air Fare Policy, you can give extended services to your customers. From booking their tickets to settling their disputes through us

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We will ensure that your customer’s rights as Air Passengers are secured in terms of solution or compensation including:

  • Flight Delay Compensation
  • Flight Cancellation Compensation
  • Missed Connection  Compensation
  • Overbooking  Compensation
  • Denied Boarding  Compensation
  • Delayed Baggage Compensation
  • Airline Strike  Compensation

Air Fare Policy is a part of the Association of Passenger Rights Advocates (APRA) whose mission is to promote and protect passenger’s rights

Air Fare Policy – Value-Added services For Airport – Departures

  • Ensures Compensation Check
  • All Airlines
  • All Countries
  • Knowledge of EU Regulations
  • Knowledge of Brazilian Regulations
  • Knowledge of the Montreal Convention

Air Fare Policy Advantage for Partners:

  • We ensure  that you  don’t  have to worry about  getting the claim  yourself for your customers
  • We ensure ‘No Stress’ for you or  your customers
  • We have complete know-how about  the  airline processes
  • We have  complete  expertise   in terms of  negotiations  with the airlines
  • We take care  of  all  the paperwork  for your customers  on a time-bound schedule
  • We  ensure  that there  are no legal hassles for your customers while claiming a  compensation
  • We deal with unresponsive airlines for your customers
  • We further  ensure  that the concerned airline does not delay your case
  • We ensure that you  get regular  updates  for your customer’s case
  • We handle your customer’s entire claim on a turn-key basis
  • We work on the principle ‘No  solution -No fee’

We are the premier One Stop solution provider for air travel-related issues Use Air Fare Policy Help- we are just a phone call or a click away Air Fare Policy – Our Partner’s Customers should get their rights and be well compensated for their inconveniences

Air Fare Policy ensures Fly – Safe – Fly- Happy – Fly Secure