Hawaiian Airlines Name Correction Policy – People usually make mistakes and find it difficult to correct them but there are several unique ways to improve your mistakes just as done by Hawaiian Airlines. Hawaiian Airlines provides you the opportunity to correct your mistakes while booking Hawaiian airline tickets. You can easily correct and change your name with the help of a Hawaiian Airlines Name Correction Policy. Many people don’t know about Hawaiian Airlines but Hawaiian Airlines is based in Honolulu Hawaii. It is the tenth-largest commercial airline in the United States and is the largest operator of commercial flights to and from the U.S. state of Hawaii.

While booking Hawaiian airline tickets passengers are offered the opportunity to change their respective names on their flight tickets. Airfarepolciy shares insights into Hawaiian Airlines’ name correction policy. For assistance, you can always contact our toll-free number +1-866-952-7309  for further details.


Hawaiian Airlines Name Correction Policy

The full name of the passenger must be entered during the booking process under Hawaiian Airlines Fare Rules. Unless the change involves a legal name change or is made to rectify a mistake of up to three characters, there will be a charge for updating the PNR to reflect the right name. A charge will apply for any revisions that add more than three characters to the name.

Airline tickets generally include misspellings or typo errors while writing. Misspelling refers to words or letters written incorrectly which can be a big problem while traveling and to prevent these mistakes Hawaiian airline provides a name change policy that helps people correct or change their names.

Hawaiian Name Change Policy

The name on your ticket must match the name on your government-issued photo ID under both the TSA and Hawaiian Airlines’ policy on name changes. Contact Hawaiian Airlines before your flight if your name was entered incorrectly while purchasing your ticket or if you have legally changed your name.

Eligible Name Changes In Hawaiian Air Ticket

  • Legally binding supporting evidence is required for name changes brought on by marriage, divorce, or other life events. You must get in touch with Hawaiian Airlines Reservations and have your supporting documents on hand to legally alter your name. Usually, there will be an extra charge for such name modifications.
  • Contact Hawaiian Airlines if you need to modify an error, convert a nickname to a full name add a middle name, etc.
  • You might need to present a legitimate form of identification, such as your passport. If you purchased your ticket directly from Hawaiian Airlines, name modifications that result from misspellings (limited to 3 characters) are free. If you purchased your ticket through a third party, a USD 25 fee will apply.

Connect with Airfare Policy to know more about Hawaiian air ticket name process via toll-free number  +1 866-952-7309 

Ineligible Name Changes

Ineligible name changes are those that are never authorized, according to Hawaiian Airlines’ name change policy. You cannot transfer a ticket in your name to another person, for instance, with Hawaiian Airlines.

Supporting Documentation Required For Name Correction

Documentations required to change or correct names:

You should have the following documentation if you are changing your name prior to marriage, divorce, or some other reason:

  • In the case of marriage, the marriage certificate
  • In case of divorce, a divorce decree
  • In case of middle name additions, etc., your passport.
  • For other reasons any appropriate legal document.

 Hawaiian Airlines Miles Name Change

You must get in touch with the Hawaiian Miles customer service department by phone or email if you want to modify the name on your Hawaiian Airlines account. A government-issued ID, such as a passport or driver’s license, will be needed to verify your identification.

You can submit your documents online or fax them to +1-808-840-8333.

Types Of Modification To Change The Name By Hawaiian Airlines

  • Only first and last names are changed
  • Modifying middle initial or middle name
  • Changing the nickname to the full name
  • Changing names as the legally authorized after marriage or divorce

Hawaiian Name-Change Methods 

Name Change Online: Here are a few steps you need to follow to change your name:

  • Visit Hawaiian Airlines.com and go to “My Trips”
  • Enter your personal and ticket details to log in
  • Navigate to the name correction tab and make the changes.
  • Confirm & save your corrections, and your changes will be done.

Contact Toll-free number  +1 866-952-7309   to know the whole process and costing for quick name change on your ticket.

Difference between – Name Change And Name Correction

Name change policy – This implies that the passenger’s name may be altered to one of the same or similar spellings as long as it is lawful. They must offer legitimate paperwork for this name change to be effective.

Name correction policy – The term “name correction policy” refers to an airline’s rules for addressing name-related inaccuracies on tickets. The technique for making the correction—which may require getting in touch with the airline’s customer care staff or utilizing an online tool—as well as the appropriate grounds for doing it, are normally described in the policy. These grounds may include straightforward spelling mistakes or legal name changes.

Name correction rules may also outline any costs or expenses related to changing a person’s name, as well as any limits or limitations, such as the window of time within which a change can be made. Airlines can guarantee that customers may fly without any problems or challenges and comply with the numerous rules and laws governing air travel by having a clear and transparent name correction policy.

FAQs Related To Hawaiian Airline Name Change

Q 1.) Can I Change The Name On The Hawaiian Airlines Ticket?

Ans 1.) On Hawaiian airline tickets, you can alter the name but it depends on the type on the type you bought and the reason for the change. You might be able to modify the name if it’s just a simple spelling mistake online or by getting in touch with Hawaiian airlines customer support. However, additional paperwork may be needed, and there can be a charge, if the name change results from a transfer of ownership or formal name change.

Q 2.) How can I correct misspelling in Hawaiian Airlines tickets?

Ans 2.) You must get in touch with Hawaiian Airlines’ customer care department by phone or email to change a spelling error on a ticket. Give them the specifics of your ticket and a description of the mistake that needs to be fixed. You can be requested to present identification, such as a passport or driver’s license, to prove your identity. If the adjustment has to be made due to a minor spelling error, Hawaiian Airlines might be able to do it for you at no extra cost. However, further evidence may be needed, and a charge can be assessed, if the adjustment calls for a formal name change or transfer of ownership.