My Trip Name Change/Correction Policy – We travel for various reasons and to travel globally one has to fly by air.  You can get the best of hotel, car, and flight bookings done by My Trip your trusted travel agency that is known to provide value-added services to its customers.

Flight Ticket Reservations with an incorrect name can be a  problem 

Though we do not want to make mistakes, sometimes mistakes do happen, the same is true for entering the wrong name on the flight ticket. Thankfully, it does not happen all the time. Changing the name in hotel and car reservations is not very cumbersome. However, changing the name on a  flight ticket is not that easy and has procedures attached to it.

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My Trip  is your guide for Flight Name Change

Though the flight ticket name is tedious and has strict procedures for it,  you do not need to bother about it as your guide, your friend My Trip is here. By following the correct method and steps as specified by the My Trip Flight Name Change Policy you can make changes to the name on the flight ticket.

You need to know everything  about Flight Ticket Name Change

Through this article, we will explain to you how the My Trip  Flight  Name Change Policy works. You need to know the My Trip  Flight Name Change Policy in detail and that will tell you that a partial Flight Name change can be done through My Trip, it will help you by coordinating with the concerned airline from which you have bought the ticket.

You need to understand changing the complete name of the passenger means transferring a ticket to someone else which is not permissible My Trip does not allow it, However, My Trip ensures that minor changes on your Flight Ticket are done in a hassle-free way.

The fees for the  flight ticket  name change vary on My Trip 

My Trip  Flight Ticket Name  Change Policy clearly states that the fees for a name change on the flight ticket will vary according to how much change is done on the flight ticket in terms of the name,  if you have to change one character to fix a slight misspelling then My Trip ensures that you don’t pay any fees.

A legal name change  requires  relevant  documents

You should know that a legal surname or name change on the flight ticket, particularly after marriage or divorce as per My Trip rules requires legal documents like Marriage License, Court Order Divorce Decree, Legal Name Change Document, SSN, and Passport.

My Trip  offers online  and offline  options  for a flight name change 

The customers of My Trip can use many online and offline options to make a name change on the flight ticket through My Trip.   For online flight ticket name change solutions, you can go to the My Trip Website and follow the instructions to do the changes.

Those customers who are not conversant with the online option can do the flight ticket name change through offline options by either going to the My Trip office,  calling the My Trip customer care number or going to the My Trip Counter at the Airport.

My Trip the globally well-known Travel  Agency meets its customers more than half the way to make their air travel convenient and hassle-free be it booking, cancellation, refunds, flight ticket change or flight ticket name change My Trip is your friend for everything always.

 Happy Flying  through MyTrip