1. Most of the flight tickets are non-refundable but in exceptional cases the changes are permitted. Change of name is not allowed but minor correction in the name can be done but not with all the Airlines. When you change your flight date or city pair it will cost you change fee and applicable difference in fare (Subject to availability of seats as well)

2) Change Cost simply depends on the booking class in which ticket is issued and after ticket issuance no extra charge will be there in your booking.

3) The cost of tickets can be charged in two transaction sometime where in the tickets are issued on suppliers or consolidators system. If the payment does not go through by any reason flight ticket or ticket change will not be confirmed and the same will be informed to customer. If payment is done successfully the email confirmation will be sent to customer. Customer may see the charges on their financial statements by multiple payment gateways.

4) Maximum time to issue the tickets or confirm the changes and cancelations will be 24 hours from the time of order.

5) If someone is changing the ticket booking inside 24 hours’ time change fee will not be charged only difference in price will be charged if any. In case of cancelation it will be free cancelation with full refund depends on Airline’s cancelation policy.

6) If the ticket issuance has crossed 24 hours’ time then refund will be subject to audit by particular Airline’s refund team. Customer may get the refund or credit for the ticket value or nothing solely depends on Airline’s refund policy.